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John 3:18 is all the theology you need to know. Chose as you wish, you have been warned.

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Guzahn 01.09.2018
That's a Straw-Man argument. God would never say that, and it would never happen.
Mazushakar 06.09.2018
Lmao. Well, thankfully you still have a sense of humor.
Taushura 12.09.2018
Democracy requires a majority.
Maudal 20.09.2018
FEC, FCC, FTC, etc etc... lots of them. The government is chalk full of agencies that attempt to limit what I can say when.
Dijas 29.09.2018
Dad is free to have his own hair as long as he wants. But that's where his coif control ends. 13 year old daughter may, in some sense, be a reflection on him, but that is not her primary purpose. Let her do what she wants.
Yor 09.10.2018
Not at all.
Faesar 16.10.2018
Not against sodomy. Some people get real pleasure from it.
Vuzuru 22.10.2018
3,500 bucks in one day - that's what some people earn in a whole month...
Mujar 27.10.2018
I think he's saying it's the homogeneity of the population plays a big factor rather than it's more atheist. It's not nearly 90% though.
Maugar 30.10.2018
Its a similar issue to, for example, the negotiations over the years between the PLO and Israel. Here is the problem. On the one hand the PLO does not want to recognize Israel as a bonafide nation and regularly states that if it could it would certainly wipe it off the face of the earth, on the other hand they want to make an agreement to coexist in close proximity to each other with Israel providing land currently under their control. That simply is never going to fly. It will always be confrontational. Likewise, you want to say that Islam is a complete lie, that their Prophet is a debauched person, that its Koran is violent and despicable, and oh, by the way, lets be friends, all I want to do is destroy your religion. ^ No way that flies. Its a kind of self accusation.
Zulugor 01.11.2018
In the Jaina tradition, ancient lifespans are even longer. I think Mahavira was like 11th (or so?) Arhat, and this is one of the earlier ones (from a free version of one of Max Muller's translation of the Jaina Sutras):
Kajijin 04.11.2018
The notion of free will, as most people interpret it, is actively being proven false by neuroscience. There's significant research showing that free will is quite often anything but free will.
Mugore 07.11.2018
Is the universe just a big bubble in a much bigger bathtub?
Maugore 14.11.2018
Guy who refuses to install fire alarms in his house: "yeah, get back to me when you have a fire in my house. Then maybe I'll install fire alarms."
Zucage 16.11.2018
yes why, QE ended in 2014 and what you have now is a continuation of good economic indexes, as example ISM today is exactly where it was in 2015, as the economy continued to grow after the end of FED easing, and now inherited by Trump.


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