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M nchen gay pissen
M nchen gay pissen
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Murisar 28.07.2018
I'm over here like,I'm 35 and been married...wth is a club and what do they do there?
Tojazshura 02.08.2018
You bitch! Lol. On the upside, she won?t talk to you. Mine came in and out.
Doulabar 07.08.2018
Fine. Please explain why? I know there are near infinite possible scenarios but I went with IMVHO the most likely.
Malall 13.08.2018
LOL da fuqqqq
Natilar 20.08.2018
If you are speaking in metaphor, it would help to indicate that in some way.
Gohn 23.08.2018
Jesus IS God made flesh.
Mazushura 28.08.2018
2 out of 3 ain't bad!
Kalmaran 01.09.2018
The election is rigged. I went over to vote even though, for the first time ever, I never received a voting card. I was removed from the voters list like I had died. I had to fill out paperwork to be able to vote. Two others had the same story and one lady had the wrong address on where to vote. The address on her card does not exist. She was going to be late for work so she couldn't vote.
Kajikree 11.09.2018
I just don't like the spitting, it should only be for emergency disagreements.??
Tygoshakar 17.09.2018
Here's a whole list of biblical prophecies being explained away. Take your pick.
Faell 20.09.2018
Many people make tons of money with belief systems that suspend logic and rational thinking. It is worth for them.
Tami 21.09.2018
MTM. Thanks , I recently signed on for that service. I will look,
Kigor 29.09.2018
Well, the Christian baker has no cakes in the shop either. They need to be ordered and prepared. Same thing when I place an order for pork fillets, sausages and other porky delicatessen for a party that I'm planning for next weekend. And I would expect the muslim butcher to prepare it for me so that I can pick it up next week.
Akinris 07.10.2018
Sex and religion are taught in church, in regards to sex we need somewhere to teach it right, and as for religion well that pretty much teaches itself away if you keep an open mind.
Nikorn 13.10.2018
Lazy people who have yet to break in their taxpayer funded knees, is my best guess.
Kagara 15.10.2018
You?re welcome, I mean I totally get the need the need have someone look at it from your perspective and understand it
Arasida 22.10.2018
Never heard of it
Zolor 25.10.2018
When I show up at my sister's, and the kids come running to give me hugs and tell me they missed me, even though they just saw me that morning. LMAO!
Taugul 27.10.2018
When you attempt to disprove evolution, perhaps you should find articles which do anything but expound upon evolution and add depth to its understanding.
Tesar 31.10.2018
Gods don't change, but maybe our understanding of god changes...
Mujas 02.11.2018
I agree with you all the way but if you compare Trump to David, Trump can not even come close-except in one area-adultry. And might I remind you, David was very sorry for his sin and he was punished by God and he accepted his punishment. Donald J Trump said that he never asked for forgiveness because he never did anything that would cause him to ask for forgiveness. And you compare him to King David??? Shame on you. Are you trying to fit your world view to fit your Christianity??? Read God's Word please.
Faecage 04.11.2018
I know:( It gets exhausting.
Vuzilkree 05.11.2018
No! Are you suffering from Atheistophobia?
Voodookinos 07.11.2018
Summer school for you then. If religion didn't have protections written into the Constitution it would be charged with fraud.
Tygole 11.11.2018
I have thought through everything.
Faegrel 16.11.2018
Me too! No embellishments so there's a sleek moderness about it also. Very her.
Makinos 24.11.2018
Yes, I'd say racists who ignore Africans and Asians waiting to come to the United States
Gosar 29.11.2018
I'm opting to go with the American Academy of Pediatrics that "Evaluation of current evidence indicates that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks".


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