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Ludacris stand up video fat ass


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Lets say you were in a cross walk with your child, and you saw a man about to get hit by a bus. You push your child in front of the bus, save the man, but your child is killed. Are you going to tell me then that you loved the man you saved by pushing your son in front of the bus more than you loved your own son?

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Ludacris stand up video fat ass
Ludacris stand up video fat ass
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JoJok 10.07.2018
Where is the car being kept
Akinoshakar 21.07.2018
If you're right, why are you getting so upset?
Kazrami 27.07.2018
same with my mine bf to
Mira 01.08.2018
My reply to you was "detected as spam" so I copied it and resent it twice with the same result. I think someone is trying to cure me of my habit of over editing my comments.
Vidal 02.08.2018
You must be so happy women are going to be killing themselves using coat hangers now that abortion will likely be banned.
Mausar 03.08.2018
Saying it over and over doesn't make it true.
Bagrel 10.08.2018
I'm not a Jamie Foxx fan. I also don't need to see a movie about Mike Tyson. I've watched his boxing matches and read about him in the news and watched countless interviews since he became a pro boxer.
Akigis 11.08.2018
What's it matter? It's fiction.
Zolole 17.08.2018
My mother trusted my father to take care of the house and he got lazy so we have a deck that is separating and might pull the side of our dining room off. Isn?t it fun dealing with the aftermath of our parents and trying to fix it?
Kajit 26.08.2018
Ice tried to round up ONLY those that were committing crimes
Malakus 03.09.2018
I am but a homemade philosopher but have come to the same conclusions with much of that. Thx!
Mogore 07.09.2018
Anyway, I feel like I've unnecessarily derailed the topic so I won't post anymore on it. A 13 year old can make the decision for herself.
Kegis 12.09.2018
Osama from Londonistan should mind his own business!
Grogal 15.09.2018
Oh I worded that the wrong way. She was a teacher who taught a normal subject, and happened to do burlesque outside of school with a moniker/pseudonym to protect her identity. Someone happened to find videos of her on Facebook [ones she had not taken of herself], distributed them, and it got back to the parents who were pissed.
Feramar 24.09.2018
Oh ok. I thought that was only a Pentecostal thing.
Voodoora 05.10.2018
Sure he did, you just have to speak his language. Let me help...
Gardakazahn 06.10.2018
Mhmmm. But it?s racist to resist settlement eh? Fools
Akilabar 09.10.2018
That question may well be above my pay grade ??
Muzragore 16.10.2018
The only confirmations the bible has ever given is that places and people exist. Most fictions, like the bible, use real places and people in the telling of stories.
Kazrataxe 18.10.2018
Gee, I was repeating what is found on just about every news story from that date. The implication wasn't mine originally, it's what was reported. So I guess everybody who reported the story are "racist assholes" eh? By the way, you'd have to be pretty dense to miss it.
Goltijind 23.10.2018
All I see there is your comment with no responses. What is that supposed to show me?
Molar 29.10.2018
His resistance wasn?t passive.
Magul 30.10.2018
You guys are nasty lol. It?s very platonic and wholesome.


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