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That and I will see Woody Harrelson in just about anything.

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Kiramar 03.06.2018
Threatening more Americans, and for what???
Kajicage 05.06.2018
Science advances one funeral at a time.
JoJokasa 06.06.2018
Hehe. Nice.^ I understand that speaking out against the Prophet would be considered blasphemy and could get you in real trouble in some Islamic based countries. Isn't that quite a bit like being accused in an oppressive political based country of being "treasonous" or "seditious" or something ? Its true that folks are not hauled away in the night at the same rate as previously for speaking out against the great leader, however. That constitutes growth. Things are getting better. And the continence of the Russia people has been rising. [Don't worry, we will all work through these temporary misunderstandings and the like.^] But it is also rising, I would argue, in far flung Muslim countries around the world who have been maturing and prospering, especially over the past 20 years.
Arajin 10.06.2018
Everybody has their own preference, I just have never had one
Jukasa 17.06.2018
So my puppy does this thing in the morning where he tries to wake me up with kisses, but I guess I don't get up well enough for that now so he's resorted to scratches on the face:
Tuzragore 20.06.2018
Has that ever happened?
Shara 23.06.2018
That's what I said. Hardly cutting off your nose to spite your face though, is it?
Julabar 25.06.2018
Not all animals and plants fossilize. Carrier Pigeons don't and so we have no trace of them in the fossil record. Even so we have more than enough fossils to work with. There's no such thing as a missing link. The change from predecessor species to more modern ones is so gradual it is almost imperceptible. This no transitional fossils nonsense is one of the most tiresome and dishonest creationist arguments against evolution. We studied the evolution of the modern horse in college. This is a good way to look at gradual evolution of a species because the fossil record of horses is exceptionally well represented with thousands of finds. We have the ancestor of the modern horse and a transitional species that has characteristics of both the horse's ancestor and modern horses, fossils in the geological column right where they should be. These fossils in the video show changes not between species which is what we studied in school but larger groups in the classification system. But it's really all the same. I certainly know more about this than some Bible thumper who gets their misinformation from other lying and quote-mining creationists at the (Non)Discovery Institute and Creation Ministries. Put down the comic book pick up a science book and join the rest of us in the real world your cult leaders brainwashed you into hating.
Telar 27.06.2018
If it was good enough for George Washington, then it's good enough for TFCC! Much like his slave-operated Tobacco plantation.
Zologul 29.06.2018
Okay. I'm a lifetime libertarian. I voted for Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate.
Tygokinos 09.07.2018
Oh my a personal attack....now I'm doing drugs! Oh shytttttt!
Zolokree 13.07.2018
I think it's because atheists get nasty with theists who they largely agree with, so the uninvested theists don't get involved. Thus the invested theists think they speak for all, because hardly any theist contradicts them.
Grobei 20.07.2018
But everything you pointed to as persecution is also uttering words.
Mooguramar 29.07.2018
It cracks me up that people will pray for a better job, but then they go to school, study hard, do all the right things at work, and then get promoted and...
Sanos 08.08.2018
No, I?ll bet they loved it ;)
Tuhn 17.08.2018
The rules are still in effect.


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