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Cute Riley Reid and Chanel Preston Fingerfuck each other

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It's true that free will, if it exists (and we must carry on as if it does), is sort of a burden.

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Zulukora 09.06.2018
If you ever make another comment like that you will be banned
Tygogal 10.06.2018
Wikipedia. Not acceptable. So, you fail again.
Meztim 14.06.2018
Seven is a lucky number
JoJojind 19.06.2018
If they're born that way, what is there to be proud of? I am left handed. It is enough to be tolerated. I do not need to leverage gov to force celebration of left handedness. Should we have a White Skin Pride Month? No, I don't think so.
JoJogore 27.06.2018
What are the well known mechanisms that God uses to create things? Do you have any evidence that God has ever created anything at all?
Malmaran 29.06.2018
You are displaying Pure cowardice, and you know it. EVERYBODY sees that Trump disinvited the team because it would have hurt his ego when 6 players showed up.
Tole 04.07.2018
Federal and state money is spent teaching abstinence-only education. States spend huge amounts of money on fraudulent "crisis pregnancy centers." About a dozen states have passed laws allowing people to discriminate based on their religious beliefs.
Dougor 07.07.2018
Fast evolution. Fast breeding species. The only barriers are formed by hybridization. Any slice in time would reveal all degrees of speciation...including morph.
Shaktijin 10.07.2018
Bullshit. Answer the f***ing question, it's not ridiculous at all. A good analogy would be this: I propose that we should invest in infrastructure and build a road between our two towns, then you say "oh, yes, then I suppose you'll want a road between all the towns in the World; we can't afford that".
Tukus 20.07.2018
Hey, we are to judge fellow Christians, but those outside God judges.
Kagabar 23.07.2018
"What do you think about Europe's growing Muslim population?"
Akigor 26.07.2018
Calm down. You gave me a brief summary of the initial premise behind what is apparently an ongoing multi-episode series. You could tell me the Walking Dead was about people banding together to survive the zombie apocalypse but that doesn't mean I'm going to instantly grok the nuance of what's happening in a given story moment.
Kagashura 30.07.2018
Christianity didn't bring any of those things. People did. All Christianity did was slow them down.
Kajishicage 08.08.2018
Paul wrote approximately 1/3 of the New Testament, so he is well qualified to comment on the holiness of scripture.
Akinoshakar 09.08.2018
Of course, if a person merely objects to out-of control children, does that automatically equate to "being racist"?
Arashigul 11.08.2018
They Doxed her, this is pure out harm.
Meztigami 19.08.2018
My erudition achieved my goal perfectly. Even though your post was a non sequitur, I compelled you to post. This is evidence that you are easily manipulated by a total stranger on the internet. Imagine what the Russians did to you?
Kigagore 23.08.2018
2.) look as in find things. i don't know what the hell you do, probably just take a cursory glance or whatever the most minimum effort is - that's what you do. if you don't "see" it at first glance: 'i can't find it!'
Vojas 25.08.2018
You forgot "HUMPHHH!" at the end of your rebuke.
Yozshucage 29.08.2018
I lost all of them when my stepdaughter was still doing stupid sh!t.
Virg 08.09.2018
A dude named jesus may have existed but the bible magic is pure fiction
Kazragal 15.09.2018
Yes yes...when he said I could stay home with kids if we had them, my female friends lost their minds and now they hate him. I was more like "Thanks, bro."
Takinos 19.09.2018
Right you are professor.


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