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Oh.. NOW you want to stick to the topic. That's bloody rich. You pivot more than a compass, but suddenly you want to stick to the topic (even though you made the claim about the decline of Christianity in your OP, so it's fair game).

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Meshura 03.05.2018
Again, you're the one that is defending a potentially dishonest image. And again, if you are fine with dishonest images, that's your choice. But yes, you pretend I'm the snowflake here. Bwhahaha!
Akijora 11.05.2018
No. Just feeling lazy.
Mikagar 13.05.2018
Yet you are obsessed with God and Christianity. That says a lot.
Zulkikus 18.05.2018
And the tablets are where? And the Ark is where? The single, most holy artifact of an entire religion and they lost track of it?
Dogore 28.05.2018
"To anger a conservative [Christian-based implied], tell them a lie.
Kajigar 04.06.2018
Oh my gosh that's terrible, is the ladder ok?
Juhn 05.06.2018
Yvonne is taking one for the team today :)
Zukinos 06.06.2018
So, what gods did you create?
Arashilmaran 15.06.2018
How did you feel about that rift or was it ever something you concerned yourself with?
Nagal 24.06.2018
Rambler provided a link below to school "incidences" and we are referring to pages and pages and pages of the people that have contact with our children. I think a lot of people could be in the wrong "profession"
Mezilkis 27.06.2018
Isn't that forbidden in your religion, you sinner!
Daijinn 30.06.2018
Damn, smells like Metamucil in here :)
Donos 05.07.2018
Then why are you highly religious?
Yogar 11.07.2018
it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment!!!
Tojinn 17.07.2018
a through i in your post.
Kigajar 18.07.2018
On the channel is fine, just follow the channel guidelines.
Shakajas 23.07.2018
Did you really just right that?
Zololabar 25.07.2018
I call bullshit.
Kall 31.07.2018
No, I did not bring in intellugence.
Tojinn 02.08.2018
Care to locate the word "Jew" or any equivalence in: "Of course one reason we can know that this is religious allegory and not literal, is by the fact that history does not record any of that violent stuff you mentioned as actually having happened literally?" Backpedaling does not afford salvation from out-and-out lying.
Mazull 06.08.2018
I bet you're a fun excursion as well.


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