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And I hope it's a case where personal creativity comes into play, so it can be decided appropriately. AND, I hope the vendor has served gay people in the past, so it won't be about the people but about the event against the religious person's conscience. That would be great. Will be another win.

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Dujinn 14.08.2018
There is zero shootings in the name of atheism. None, zilch. Before you come at me with some link of some atheist shooting up a place, make sure you have an understanding of what I just said, what atheism is.
Kill 18.08.2018
You are wrong. There is nothing science has found that says no God is required. Science just shows how things happen. God or no God isn't taken into the matter. God did it or God didn't do it has never been a part of any scientific study. Stop saying science has found no need for a God. What you are putting out when you say that is that science has studied God. Stop it.
Dailabar 20.08.2018
Yes, Whatever you decree, my friend.
Mojinn 21.08.2018
I APPRECIATE THAT but I personally do not apologize for getting heated about it. I am
Taujar 26.08.2018
Sounds like your argument has geometry but no topology.... Do research twice opine once.
Dizahn 31.08.2018
*its last days
Gokora 07.09.2018
Tribes such as the Obo have populations of several million, Speaking essentially the same language using highly similar worship forms, agricultural methods, and employing the same worship forms. Sounds like what distinguishes French from German from Poles from Italians from English. Tribes are nations often purposely divided between two colonies cum countries. But the colonizers called them tribes because everyone knew tribes indicated they were primitive and so needed colonizing while nations were modern and civilized so could have their own nation-state
Shaktikinos 14.09.2018
"Pagourtzis has a social media footprint that included an image of a custom T-shirt emblazoned with the words, 'BORN TO KILL' posted on Facebook and several images of a black duster jacket with N*zi, communist, fascist and religious symbols." (
Faedal 17.09.2018
Just because things happened or even that the Jews did certain things, I don't have to approve of them. The Jews did many things God didn't approve of either. God wasn't forcing them as slaves to do his bidding. They chose their own path without God many times.
Zulkitaxe 20.09.2018
Okay, facts are facts. Here are some for you:
Megul 28.09.2018
It's hard to believe that a person didn't fully understand what they were doing. People who are that unable to process simple English typiclly aren't confident enough to write and submit an original discussion piece...
Miran 06.10.2018
In america we are in the process of bringing another smelter online. It has been off for 25 years. Those are real good paying jobs, not teenager partime jobs.
Daishura 12.10.2018
YOUR OWN Pope Francis stated it was at 5%. Guess again.
Kazitilar 18.10.2018
Brilliant reply. You sure showed me.
Shakazuru 26.10.2018
omg. seriously. Dude, please take a seat and be silent.
Akinorisar 02.11.2018
I guess Looney Nancy doesn't believe in equal, full rights for Christians.
Faunos 12.11.2018
What ways do you offer for exterminating harmful and dangerous ideologies?
Faele 22.11.2018
That entire scenario, the trial of Jesus is a total farce that never happened.
Zolorg 29.11.2018
New definitions I found in Websters today:
Bami 29.11.2018
This comment is not helpful to the discourse I would like to see in this thread.
Akinozil 04.12.2018
never to early for a ummmm stimulating conversation piece... heh
Gardalmaran 13.12.2018
Oh... and my comment was removed?!
Digis 15.12.2018
Fox didn?t do anything unless you?re actually saying democrats are controlled by a former president of a foreign country.
Tejar 21.12.2018
All the more reason to keep going. ;P
Bazahn 29.12.2018
Perhaps you care to demonstrate the truth of your claims and not just compound assertions with more assertions?
Akinokree 01.01.2019
Your message in no way corresponds with others who history has judged as enlightened ones. Perhaps you need more light.
Arashishicage 10.01.2019
Make America Gumby Again.
Darisar 11.01.2019
"You are using a logical fallacy."
Taulmaran 16.01.2019
No, I was thinking more of laving their anxious brow. But whatever turns you on.


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