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That is basically everything about government. You tax my labor to pay for your belief of what is needed even though I don't want it. Government is nothing but a belief. But it is a belief of force unlike religion.

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Akinot 17.05.2018
I learned long ago to never do business with anyone, friend or stranger without going over all costs and getting it in writing
Zunos 23.05.2018
I had a friend die at a fairly young age because he refused to go to a doctor after his doctor told him he was overweight, quite tragically, he left behind two children. The thing that killed him likely could have been prevented had he heeded his doctor's advice.
Kajin 29.05.2018
Because there isn?t anything that is a coherent movement on the far left in the US would be my best guess.
Arajin 08.06.2018
Not tricky. Nominal Christians are not regarded as Christians by the born again brigade,
Mazushicage 12.06.2018
"but those morals are undoubtedly based in religion"
Faelar 21.06.2018
I want big real tits not some bird
Yozshugal 28.06.2018
Here's a tissue.
Kekree 01.07.2018
I just think when he saw the meme he had flashbacks to last year lol.
Tecage 08.07.2018
Hundreds of companies?? So how many still survive, are not shellls used to shuffle cash and avoid taxes and are showing a return on investment and profitable. I can list Trump enterprises that are no longer with us. Trump air, Trump Steaks, Trump U, Trump vodka, the list is long . Trump water and Trump wine got bailed out by the RNC as both were suppliers to the Trump campaign. Likewise the Trump Org. benefited from the excessive use of Trump hotels, golf clubs and Mar-a-Lago for party functions plus of course Trump Tower..
Dotaxe 18.07.2018
Didn?t say you have to tell them they?re good at this or bad at that. What I am specifically saying is that if any performer is not competing on par to whom is deemed the best, they don?t get a participation trophy. If they?re not as good as the other person and they?re still having fun, that they are enjoying what they?re doing and having fun should be reward enough. If they are upset they didn?t get a trophy, then that?s when they need a reality check. Expecting their talents which are subpar to be heralded in the same light as the kid who is naturally better (and contrary to belief, even the person that is naturally great STILL works hard to hone their craft) is what leads to entitlement. You have to ensure your child is okay with not being recognized on the world stage. However, you as a parent can encourage them by demonstrating how proud you are of them to build their confidence. You need to start EARLY with the 4 and 5 year olds because if you wait to start ?shaping? them at 15 and 16 that?s when you get these volatile reactions. To quote someone else on this forum, kids need to fail and they need to suck at things that others are good at. You join sports teams to win AND lose, and you recognize your teammates for outstanding performance. Everyone doesn?t get to be a MVP in the professional world or get a trophy, why do we expect our kids to get them?
Mezit 26.07.2018
In a nearly infinite multiverse over a nearly infinite amount of time not only is almost anything possible but most likely happens over and over and over. But not in the same space time...
Kazralmaran 31.07.2018
Uh huh. I kinda see that... but it's also heavily controlled...
Tejin 11.08.2018
Wait is that a Diet coke can he is squeezing?
Zumi 15.08.2018
It was meant as a good-natured joke, is all... :-)
Moogujinn 25.08.2018
No god ever said anything. You only have the words of ancient cult leaders. Men wrote it no gods involved.
Meztikus 31.08.2018
This is a cute game atheists play.
Tuzil 08.09.2018
People are only human. Most aren't evil monsters opposed to good. Largely people have a rationale and based on that, their views logically follow. If you can understand the foundation as to why someone believes what they do, it helps to close the divide.
Akirisar 11.09.2018
I see you also missed the fact Obama said over 20 times he had NO Constitutional authority to give "dreamers" amnesty yet did it any way!
Tocage 19.09.2018
So you're saying it's entirely plausible that "country" and "religious affiliation" could be a meaningless correlation, and you'd have to test to see if skin colour was a more accurate test of IQ?
Vudojind 23.09.2018
She only calls out the fundamentalist Canadians
Faum 30.09.2018
If you ever were to read Hobbes, I think you'll find that he said no such thing. What he did infer is that, in order to ensure the sanctity of the social contract, a strong, unbiased guiding hand is essential.
Aracage 09.10.2018
Neither do you. Thou shalt not murder. You don't execute prisoners- the state does. Learn something applicable.
Bagis 14.10.2018
Let us approach the question from a function or purpose viewpoint. 1 If the purpose is to teach biology, then the biology teacher should not venture into polemic or any other discussion of subjects not related such as religion.
Akigis 23.10.2018
On 4-15-2019 EVERY American who pays federal income taxes will get a tax cut, (both the standard and CTC deductions DOUBLE). Americans with children will get a tax cut whether they pay federal income taxes or not! Pelosi has promised to repeal the tax cuts. That is ALL republicans have to say to win in November!
Mauzilkree 01.11.2018
Re-read what I wrote and you will see that I said nothing about 'feelings' or emotions. You have injected that idea into what I wrote, and offer zero facts as a rebuttal.
Mataxe 08.11.2018
Your words speak for themselves. Is there anyone who could mistake your comments as anything but anti-Islam? You do not even want to be in the same room with them, have no interest in friendship or reconciliation. Your goal is for Islam to disappear from the face of the earth. And further to that you just keep ripping. And I keep pointing out, that is you ripping your own culture, dooming it to be at odds with the rest of the world.
Brajind 11.11.2018
A star wars holiday show LOLOLOLOLOLOL inhale LOLOLOLOLOL
Nisho 13.11.2018
Just saw Prince Harry mouth "you look amazing". And he is just looking at her with so much love.
Kagar 20.11.2018
Are the farmers welling to drop the use of hormones and antibiotics?
Mokora 28.11.2018
That's the spirit! And that would be a really nice thing to do for the both of them.
Tojak 28.11.2018
And self cancelling. If I can't imagine something entirely new (unique and unfathomable, presumably, since non-existent before my discovery / creation / introduction of him,) and I've imagined God, then God must not be new, but merely a version of things that already exist. We understand what a creator is and what reality is and imagine a creator outside of reality. (Creating and reality already exist.) I'm thinking of something I can't even imagine, therefore it exists. How real is that? The more real you need him to be, the more you need to rely on your imagination to make it all up.
Bagami 06.12.2018
Your parents literally made you, Anybody else involved in that? There is no god, no creator that we resemble that caused that, you argue. So if a person has a gripe with the suffering of life such that they say whatever caused that is an idiot, isn't that person in reality ripping their parents?
Sakinos 16.12.2018
so, god is infallible?


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