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Religion can be an emotional crutch for those who need it and respond to it. And I have no objection when it is used as such. However, religions fail as a source for morality and they fail epic when describing the real world.

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Elijah in moby dick
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Grogal 20.08.2018
DSF. Does generally being brain dead count?
Gardakus 25.08.2018
I made a typo so some pedantic d-bag made a condescending remark. I didn't see it at first but dancy called him out. He told her she must be angry because Father's Day is approaching. ???????
Maum 02.09.2018
If you want to talk dishonesty we can talk about the history of north and South America and invasion/colonization.
Muzragore 12.09.2018
Trump fanboys accusing other people of being stupid... THAT is a hoot.
Tygole 15.09.2018
Well, tell me how I should read "majority christian leaders (not liberals or progressives)" other than "the set of 'christian leaders' and the set of the union of 'liberals' and 'progressives' is disjoint."
Fenrim 24.09.2018
What about affirmative action, which requires some employers to pass over more qualified and capable candidates for a job in favor of a less qualified less able employ for no other reason than because they are a minority race?


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