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Great. Does any of that make his claim that the genetic code is actually a code more or less believable?

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Kalrajas 27.08.2018
As long as their is mutual respect for each other it doesnt get in the way.
Shakasho 29.08.2018
Did you read the entire article? It's actually very informative.
Dijas 03.09.2018
For Americans on US soil - Christians are worse than Islam. Between 2001 and 2015, more Americans were killed by homegrown right-wing extremists (which most considered Christian than any other religion) than by Islamist terrorists, according to a study by New America, a nonpartisan think tank in Washington, DC.
Marr 09.09.2018
Why did they make such errors when it was written then?
Mashicage 12.09.2018
I think he read where I would alone in the office for most of today..lol
Telabar 18.09.2018
Si' the bible sayz we would be the easiest!!! :) LOL!!!
Moogukazahn 22.09.2018
Yeah, see, I'm sure she's very pretty. But still no. For men, sex is like pizza. Even when it's bad it's good. For women... let's just say I'll stick with chocolate.
Meztishakar 28.09.2018
Of course the AAP identified reasons why, in their view, benefits outweigh the risks
Mikacage 04.10.2018
That's fine. Its a legitimate concern and people are talking about it.
Voll 13.10.2018
Now you've done it!
Tojam 14.10.2018
He?s been my friend since high school, and yes, he accepts me how I am. People like that are few and far between.
Tojakinos 21.10.2018
Yes, God is all knowing, he even knows how someone is going to die before they were even in the womb. You can try and limit the concept of God all you want, but the Bible doesn't help you.
Vugar 27.10.2018
Why don't you agree?
Mazujin 06.11.2018
The royals as victims! Now I've heard it all.
Vudozilkree 10.11.2018
That is profoundly true. Especially when it comes to cynics about belief in God.
Gakus 18.11.2018
In my day it was "Give your Heart to your Mother, your Soul to Jesus, because your ass is Mine and Imma gonna teach you to kill.".......probably get 'em a Art-15 now if they say that.
Kilrajas 20.11.2018
Those who take the Bible literally are laughing stock to the more educated classes who mostly 'run the show' socially. They think we who laugh are under the spell of Satan and will pay a heavy price come Judgement Day. They also seem to be a hostile demographic obsessed with guns and railing against the liberal homosexual socialist tree-huggers who believe in global warming. They are also drawn like moths to a flame by big shots like Donald Trump and Steve Bannon who are clever enough to exploit them by using certain 'magic' words and slogans.
Gardarisar 29.11.2018
The TV show "Life in Pieces" just did a segment on this where the boys were sent by wife/mom to a lingerie store to buy something for their daughter/sister.
Dakasa 08.12.2018
Aging populations are a good thing. It means that populations are reducing. Given that humans currently exceed the Earth's carrying capacity by some 15 times, we will, within the next 5 to 10 years, institute a single surviving child per parent policy, or we will be on a direct patb to an irrevocable extinction as part of the ongoing sixth extinction event.
Vut 10.12.2018
Are you talking to me or in the mirror?
Fenrigul 19.12.2018
I'd say that the very worst bit (and it's a strong field) is the suggestion that most people are going to burn for eternity; then again, it's a close run thing between that and the notion that anybody can be forgiven anything if they'll just accept that they deserve to be tortured forever and celebrate the "generosity" of somebody else offering to be tortured in their place.
Meztikora 20.12.2018
Yeah. And I guarantee it isn't anything like the one from two thousand years ago.
Bamuro 21.12.2018
You?re full of it. As bad as the exclusion of funding to Christians against abortion is, how do you justify giving Muslims a pass? One rule for all, no? That is the height of hypocrisy, and overt political pandering. How arrogant that they think they can do that without any resistance or being called out on it?! You got things a little backwards.
Mauran 23.12.2018
this isn't the OP to debate the merits of god and the OT but it would make for a good topic.
Bramuro 01.01.2019
They didn't though. The evidence doesn't show anything close to that nonsense.
Metaur 05.01.2019
AND I think the "and you're gonna be there" part is hilarious. Wonder what else she's going to insist he does with this dude....
Batilar 10.01.2019
Did the couple ask for a burning cross on their wedding cake?
Kazralrajas 20.01.2019
The present government of the USA is obligating many people who weren't interested to become political. There are at least 8 curcuits to existence on this plane
Dogul 26.01.2019
Anna, how many children have you adopted? You do realize there are about 400,000 children in foster care as we speak in need of adoption.
Zuzilkree 02.02.2019
Jesus could do whatever he wanted. He was involved in creation, you know.
Meztihn 03.02.2019
Getting money back from Scientologists? That is a miracle!


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