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The historicity of Jesus no more constitutes an "extraordinary claim" than the historicity of George Washington. Claiming that Jesus existed and claiming that he was born of a virgin, walked on water, and rose from the dead are very different things.

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Cheap adult pay sites
Cheap adult pay sites
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Tejinn 15.07.2018
Of course you do because we are totally sisters. :)
Vusida 24.07.2018
I think it's right to question Doug's wherewithal to follow through but also the other party leaders (because the buck stops with them) and look at the team they have formed because the team will play a big role.
Tygocage 30.07.2018
Chain migration is a reality. I have no problem using that term and I don't consider myself illiberal. I also have no problem saying women who've suffered from domestic violence in Guatemala or El Salvador or Chile should not be seeking "asylum" in the United States under U.S. asylum and immigration law. Those women should move elsewhere in their own country. They're moving here because they think it's the economic solution to their economic problems in their own countries.
Mezilar 03.08.2018
Straight out of Atlas Shrugged!
Vulrajas 09.08.2018
Slightly ignorant here: wasn't there a lot of 'sketchy' information about Ray Charles left out of his biopic? And while I think they scratched the surface for Johnny Cash, I seem to recall they glossed over that, as well. Heck, I've heard there's a lot of Ghandi's story that went unmentioned, as well.
Voodootaxe 15.08.2018
The kind that still needs their $55
Mojora 17.08.2018
I am sorry but that is wrong.
Mehn 18.08.2018
Really? How much time do you have in LE? How much time do you have chasing down violent, repeat offenders? I'm coming up on 25 years in law enforcement, myself. For the last 20 years, I've been serving high risk warrants for fugitives. I know all about the FBI data. Data can be skewed to say practically anything. I'll take my anecdotal data and that of several hundred others in LE that I'm personally acquainted with across many different counties and states, to say nothing of those that I've worked with overseas, over your opinion.
Zoloshicage 21.08.2018
Lol, kid, America is massively opposed to your cult. Last time they thought the GOP had a soul and were at the least patriots. Now we know better and we won't be lax about showing up to kick you demented cultists out of power for good. And it will be for good. Enjoy your 15 minutes, Randy. Your time is up.
Dutilar 24.08.2018
dishonest business practice right there..
Fauzragore 25.08.2018
Indeed, methinks some opportunistic sellers are on the loose.
Musho 01.09.2018
Fun fact: That has nothing to do with public health. That is not in the Health Protection and Promotion Act nor is it in the Food Premises regs.
Mauzshura 06.09.2018
Heaven, i.e., God, is the origin of all power, and all fire. God's power is the origin of the flames of Hell.


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