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What element would you be on the periodic table?

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Zulut 08.05.2018
Quit bit ching. You lost. Get over it.
Mikat 16.05.2018
That's true in other cases perhaps, but not this case.
Kagat 25.05.2018
If you inform me that you have an invisible eight-toed sloth in your basement and I say that I don't believe you, what conclusion have I drawn? It's that lack of education again.
Tagrel 03.06.2018
Dems have obsession about Russia collusion. Have you ever considered that it might be a scapegoat?
Gardarn 10.06.2018
It was provided to you.
Dukus 14.06.2018
Look up the history of the Muslim ban. That's what Trump called it on the campaign trail and it didn't go over well or fit the constitution. So, he took the idea to an attorney (Rudy Giuliani) and said, "How can we do this legally." This is well documented and not "fake news" or "alternative facts." Giuliani said, "Make it about regions instead of religions." Now you know how it became a travel ban.
Gasar 18.06.2018
Hell is a product of reproduce. If death did not exist, hell would not either. Hell came from the need of a place for people that died because they cannot exist in earth anymore, or in heaven... So where do they go?
Mogrel 19.06.2018
And 'help me, my name is Jenny, please call my parents' carved into the floor. Adds to the decor. Serial killer chic is the new thing now.
Tole 27.06.2018
Catholic theologians actually got really technical with this one. They defended religious icons on the ground that the images weren't "graven."
Zulkiramar 02.07.2018
Speak your mind buddy, what are you afraid of ?
Nezahn 04.07.2018
One chooses to limit one's experiences to insure a good working society and the continuation of your own people. It is the salvation of your people, your nation, your extended family, your clan that is the promise.
Fesar 14.07.2018
Mayhaps a compromise would work. The first cut could be shoulder length.
Moogurr 24.07.2018
I speak w/some humor. If you are unable to deal w/that you
Vugore 31.07.2018
Strawman. Creation never claims to be science. It is, however truth.
Nakasa 10.08.2018
Kid, we created an economic boom from the trash you left us. Now you follow a professional troll who defends [email protected] and attacks private citizens. Your party is dead.
Vudodal 18.08.2018
Even IF all the owners did plot against him and IF he has some proof of this (and those are some big if's), he would have a snow balls chance in hell of winning because the NFL HAS a lot more money to spend on legal teams. like it or not that is a big factor.
Fenrigor 27.08.2018
Privately owned by churches and NGOs, but state funded.


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