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BS. The President has the right to ban anyone from entering our country if he so chooses. Read the Constitution.

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Zulum 23.02.2018
The needs of human safety make it abundantly clear that judgment is appropriate and superior to belief.
Mum 02.03.2018
Actually, it?s you who are making a fool of yourself. But you are entertaining.
Gudal 07.03.2018
In other words, you're afraid to debate. You don't come across as confident in your position. If this were an actual, organized debate, you'd be forced to forfeit due to providing an insufficient argument.
Tezahn 16.03.2018
but to allow this example to go the other way and stand as a legal precedent, it flies back against those same principles.
Maumuro 23.03.2018
Murder isn't always illegal. Sometimes it gets re-labeled as "justice", "defence" or "collateral damage". And not everyone agrees that it's wrong under this labels.
Tygorr 01.04.2018
Compounding this, is the fact that "most" blacks live in concentrated areas in our inner cities. So not only do they account for way more than their fair share of violent crime (in every violent category, not just murder) but they also commit these crimes in well defined areas that can be saturated with police. The police are conditioned to deal with the rampant amount of crime in those areas, not to mention the overall negative sentiment of the population there.
Virisar 07.04.2018
What trend. The only trend was no growth. Look it up.
Shaktimuro 11.04.2018
I never had a real emergency like that but I had my share of bad situations:
Fenrik 18.04.2018
Then you should have no problem substantiating these "facts."
Meziran 20.04.2018
He said his words would last forever. True.
Tasida 25.04.2018
Did Samantha lie tho?
Meztigul 29.04.2018
Yep completely agree. Move on, make something happen for yourself
Musida 01.05.2018
party affiliation has nothing to do with data-utilization and understanding.
Daishura 05.05.2018
The power of proper punctuation. lol
Tygotaur 11.05.2018
What about the way the universe operates seems as if there is a god?
Juzil 18.05.2018
I guess if he wrote the song today he'd have to find a way to dump his girl while rhyming with electronic fuel injection.
Meztibei 25.05.2018
However, what I was getting at was the idea that the Bible has broad appeal to all people at all times. This proves it does not and the apologists known for trolling these issues have come up empty and have only snark to offer..
Malakora 03.06.2018
darwinized dumb demonic liberals are all deplorable, so, where did I go wrong ?
Yojas 04.06.2018
wow, some people actually don't believe that!


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