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And janis + comic strip

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Do you think that forcing people to disrobe in order to interact with Westerners is a clear introduction to western culture.

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And janis + comic strip
And janis + comic strip
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Daishura 24.08.2018
I gave to an example counter to your assertions (not what I "believe") and you tell me it's wrong because it doesn't fit your article. This is why you believe you're "schooling" people on forums like this. You believe you know every thing already and therefore anything someone says to the contrary must be false because it's not what you know. How can someone actually have a discussion with you. They give up out of annoyance and you believe that they've given in and have been schooled.
Arabar 26.08.2018
Indeed. I believe it to be murder (of a sort). Abortion is a premediated taking of the life of a human by another human.
Zulkilkis 04.09.2018
God is a lie too right since you are so good at telling when you are being conned it should be obvious. Right?
Gukree 15.09.2018
God is love. How can love create hell?
Kekazahn 19.09.2018
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