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Who is an asshole dog

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Anna the hot teen in red dress

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Nope. Sexual orientation is a biological multivariate based in genetics, epigenetics, hormonal baths in utero, neuronal plasticity, neuroanatomy, etc. This has been explained to you many times. Is there a reason you lack the ability to comprehend this?

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Grojind 15.07.2018
Not the most compelling rebuttal, Dick.
Akinokree 24.07.2018
LOL I swear I'm not even baiting anyone at this point. I read through that federalist article then read through the comments and am genuinely at the point where I NEED to understand. It's driving me crazy that I can't see their side and they can't see mine.
Dosho 28.07.2018
I still remember the names and faces of my bullies and that's coming from someone who barely remembers anything from school. It was THAT traumatic for me.
Brajin 04.08.2018
thanks - I am curious XD
Tojazuru 06.08.2018
You misrepresent several scientific fields and somehow I am the culprit? Get real.
Kazraramar 11.08.2018
It's a hologram, you can't knock over the pieces! (reference the new Solo movie).
Kizshura 15.08.2018
A bit yeah I would probably so no cos it's my special day.
Nazragore 18.08.2018
Or the washing machine on heavy setting.
Samuzilkree 19.08.2018
To do that which is objectively conducive to the well-being and consequent flourishing of, primarily the Human species, and other sentient creatures.
Vokazahn 22.08.2018
The fish just ate the cat. There's a spin.
Teran 28.08.2018
Because I'm a human being. Therefore, I know what it is like to be a human being.
Zulkile 02.09.2018
they also would not give the Allies permission to pass through their territory when they wanted to help the Finns fight the invading Russians!


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