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I didn't write Judges 1:19. That is what the verse says.

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Minris 01.07.2018
Then the church will have to live with the consequences.
Samukazahn 09.07.2018
Youre the one that claimed the bible is full of bigotry and hatred and are A-OK with hate speech and conversion laws. Im simply saying you shouldn't stop there. Signs and protests that tout hate towards another group should go and this includes some books, movies, and television shows.
Jum 13.07.2018
Hardly a *super*power. It can happen to most women.
Negrel 17.07.2018
I do not care for you ignoring proven facts in favor of your religious beliefs. So we'll call it even.
Mikall 22.07.2018
You couldn?t find Armenia on a map, could you?
Vogore 26.07.2018
You know what?s tasty?
Nirg 05.08.2018
There has been speculation that there was a case of quid pro quo between Weinstein and the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. It appears the DA looked the other way after receiving multiple campaign donations from Weinstein.
Yozshushura 13.08.2018
as long as theyve been cohabiting,, a lot of questions come to mind. is this a situation where hes living in her place, and pretty much enjoying all the pleasures of haveing a devoted woman?? because they guys ive known living like this, are able to skate on this foreever,
Dajora 18.08.2018
But there is no such thing as bacon from any other animal than a pig!
Kagakinos 25.08.2018
Doesn't sound unreasonable to me. Spent that on a date and didn't get a goodnight kiss.
Najas 02.09.2018
It works like this...
Mataur 10.09.2018
No, I admit you have no understanding of this subject matter
Mizragore 13.09.2018
Thanks for the thoughtful response, greenpeace. Again, we are on very similar pages. I agree with your view of how the economic paradigm needs to change, I like you theological influences and share many of the same philosophical influences. I too am a big fan of Varela, Spinoza, Bohm... since you mention a holographic model... are you a fan of Bergson? I think of his approach as aligning with a holographic-esque thinking very neatly. Jung is another favorite of mine, and since you mention Transpersonal Psychology, I assume you're probably a fan as well. Yes, Heraclitus certainly fits in with process philosophy or theology, though its his view of the divine logos and cosmos is fundamentally paradoxical (very much unlike the Stoic conception of logos, in that respect). I think Heraclitus's paradoxical approach aligns intriguingly with the gospels, given the overabundance of paradoxes found in the gospel stories and teachings.
Mezicage 16.09.2018
Is this the only tactics you have? Desperate attempts to drop the conversation down into a mud-flinging match?
Mikajora 17.09.2018
already made me smile. it's a long video, I'll give it a watch when I can
Sak 27.09.2018
I've heard no mention of Catholic schools and I'm fine with that if he does. We should be paying for public schools only. He also has no intention of eliminating seniors tax benefits. As for corporate taxes, he's going to reduce them. So it seems I know more about it than you do.
Kinos 05.10.2018
"But should what you or I find disgusting really be the basis of objective morality?"
Sagore 10.10.2018
I didn?t say your comparison was a straw man. Business expenses are deductible for the ?company?, so that aspect is also not exclusive to churches, just like charitable donations. But they?re not for their employees. It?s a perk enjoyed by priests where they get to deduct a certain percentage of their pay as parsonage allowance against their personal income. It?s great for churches and priests. There are plenty of people who are on call 24-7 for their employer and don?t get to claim such a perk. Seems like a rank justification.
Daigore 18.10.2018
Christian morals are every bit as subjective as any other.
Kazishicage 28.10.2018
Historically what has caused the most trouble for humanity is the dangerous mind pollution of religion
Shaktisar 04.11.2018
Are you saying that god being with us doesn't really matter, if he also secretly working against us with his proxies?
Voodooshakar 11.11.2018
If you want your proof, you should seek HIM. If your argument is no physical proof, then the message is not for you.


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