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Cheating Cougar Krissy Lynn Blows Stepson to Shut Him Up!

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If you are talking about the Bible God, that God does not exist.

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Dashura 28.06.2018
Again, god hardened pharaohs heart.
Dagami 02.07.2018
The way you endlessly use mocking memes as an argument, you have got to be no older than 17 years old. You add zero value to any thread you post in.
Talkree 11.07.2018
Even better when you find a stray cheeto you can munch on :)
Akinodal 19.07.2018
I must not respond
JoJojas 27.07.2018
Go read about the recent case of "an unnamed Honduran man" who claimed he was told he would get his daughter back if he voluntarily self-deported. Go read the article, it cites the man himself and two immigration lawyers, but doesn't name any of them or give any identifying details of any kind. Yet, the media in a suspiciously-looking-coordinated attack, all jumped on it at the same time.
Zushakar 04.08.2018
God knows our very thoughts! Our very thoughts are enough to condemn us. Yes to hate a person is to murder Jesus said. To lust after a woman or man is to have already committed adultery with them.
Nezuru 10.08.2018
Incest isn't allowed because of the genetic maladies that ensue in generations down the line.
Malakora 14.08.2018
Lube and persistence says "I'm a winner"
JoJotilar 19.08.2018
Which question specifically? I've answered an awful lot of your questions.
Taull 28.08.2018
Still awaiting those scientific qualifications of yours.
Tygorisar 01.09.2018
Does that make it any better? It came from your brain (well...or somewhere...).
Akitilar 03.09.2018
You claimed this "Are you also denying this verse refers to the Nakhla raid?" But then you changed your mind to another lie. Is scared months means Nakhla and raiding caravans in you dictionary of lies?
Mitaxe 09.09.2018
WE just bagged your Pope Francis and the Vatican AGAIN protecting pedophiles. This time? 2 perverted priests and 3 laymen. First they were raping deaf children at the Antonio Provolo Institute in Italy. Dozens of deaf children were brutally raped. When it was exposed in 2009? Your Vatican moved them to the Antonio Provolo Institute in Argentina, where they continued to rape deaf children. Your Pope was sent two letters and a video by the victims themselves, in 2014, BEGGING him to put a stop to it. He did NOTHING but insult them further by stating to them that hey, we all love and protect our deaf children.
Bagal 19.09.2018
Am I supposed to know what you mean by that?
Dubei 21.09.2018
FR is saying that (quote) "murder never occurs"... when it most certainly does.
Yozshurg 24.09.2018
That was you?
Vozuru 04.10.2018
The only way to find out how many teeth a horse has is to take a vote.
Goltijora 10.10.2018
I vaped a half chamber and I'm going to have a couple Ontario craft beer.
Dailmaran 11.10.2018
This will come up next
Gular 21.10.2018
>>" Something did come from nothing "<<
Kagis 22.10.2018
If people are wondering what Trump did with his companies that afforded him the Presidency position away from his other businesses? All taken care of before he was sworn in. It's the law that he sign over some major privileges to his family business.
Aragore 24.10.2018
You are my kind of people!
Akinojas 31.10.2018
You are still ignoring causation
Goltirn 08.11.2018
The new Off Topic discussion is now open for the day:
Jucage 09.11.2018
Is Merriam Webster an authority you can have faith in?
Nataxe 12.11.2018
It's a big part of why I gave up on TV as a whole. Seems like every show is either a love letter to New York or LA and most of the characters are vapid, shallow, self-centered attention seekers. It's why I gravitate towards shows like Longmire, and various sci-fi shows.


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