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I don't suppose it should. The only think that can help that is educating yourself to the point where you understand the concepts behind the science.

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Kazilar 17.07.2018
You must be pissed by now ....lol
Turr 26.07.2018
You realize we?ve been on here for 5 hours? I need to get up and get some things done. To be honest, I?d like to go back to sleep
Moogugore 02.08.2018
Unfortunately, true teachers like her are a rare and a wonderful find.
Shazragore 08.08.2018
That is not the definition of faith.
Godal 16.08.2018
hmmm, we need groups to label, you mean like "many on the right" gottcha!
Moogukree 20.08.2018
According to the DSM religionists fit the criteria for delusion, so whataya gonna do? Personally, I think the DSM is right.
Kajigis 22.08.2018
Nope, simple fact.
Brakazahn 02.09.2018
Utter hogwash. Atheisrs have soaked the ground with just as much blood as anyone else. For a supposed atheist you sure seem to cling to the notions of "original sin" and "sins of the father". My church has spilled no blood and my God is not the Dungeons and Dragons creature that apparently traipses across the addled canvas of your inner mind.
Tojak 10.09.2018
Turdeaus fanboys accusing other people of being stupid... THAT is a hoot.
Dait 11.09.2018
"The presenter has invented a theory for which she has no evidence whatsoever and yet she presents it as if it is fact. Shocking."
Kezragore 19.09.2018
MTM. I have actually considered that several times.


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