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Susan g komen breast cancer foundation

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And I meant to text someone without physical cause in that last message

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Susan g komen breast cancer foundation
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Seven is the number of completion and six is the number of man.
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Neither are religions Dave.
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And our 1 Muslim commenter upvoted that comment. Lol. Hmm.
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But a religion can be hostile towards people? Sorry, that makes no sense.
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Allied relations is important but at the end of the day ...
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Oh, that's nice? another opinion. Whenever you are ready to support your argument let me know.
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here's another eye opener...
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Look at them, understand them. If species are stars...
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This looks so bad. I didn?t have the heart to tell her that it was a blessing
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My ex-husband only needs a few hours of sleep a night. He can go to bed at 1 am and wake up at 5 am and be fine for the whole day.
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How do you know He does not love dogs? Do you go up to every dog you see?
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Thanks Kimba I love ?? being white - do u?
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I am not questioning the DNA barcoding.
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Good luck to you guys...bwahahaha ;)
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I don't know how you can force someone to be respectful of everyone else.
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Yeah they have-
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we could have a topic on financial crisis, and how people worked out of them. Sort of a "how I screwed up and survived".
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Meh. I doubt the Liberals are very broken up about it. Otherwise they would have voted for Wynne again. As an independent, I'm actually looking forward to two things; the first being cheap beer and gas. (if my electricity was any less they'd owe me money). The other thing I'm looking forward to is that "told you so" when Dougie fails miserably to fix everything that you conservatives think is wrong with the province. You asked for it, you got it.
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Jupiter! And check!
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Is there a link between mass shootings and Atheism? is your question.
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"EI is a federal program."
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I totally get the hyper-defensiveness. I'm already getting sick to death of people questioning my choice to have him do school online for his junior and senior year. They aren't trying to understand either...it's more of an interrogation and judgment.
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Ever read any Potter Fan Fiction?
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I don't need to be a kindergartener to explain things in a way you'll understand.
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Or to the bar
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I heard it from you. Didn't register as important enough here.
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Trump is the sleaseball. If Dotard Donnie didn't solicit porn-stars and hookers, we would not have to explain it to his Cult.
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Good morning all!
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You're still asserting it without providing evidence. Try again.
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Rational's overrated. Irrational is where all the advanced thinking happens.
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You mean the god you cannot prove to have ever existed?
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yup, Remember that disclaimer. The songs from the Sheer Heart Attaclk and Night at the Opera era like the one IR posted (that you never hear on the radio) are their best stuff. Unfortunately radio always wants commercial hits


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