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You didn't answer the question. Why is that people who have never heard of the god of the Bible never receive a visit or message from him?

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Striped bass fishing long island
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Grokus 14.07.2018
There is such a thing, you are one for example. The paper you ignorantly quote mined, was all about that and not what you lied and tried to use it as. You ignored the subject and its findings and used terms out of context to try and create a false narrative.
JoJot 21.07.2018
just for clarification, Susan,
JoJokora 23.07.2018
Water features in the backyard are so 1990s.
Gardatilar 29.07.2018
I do indeed disagree with your "opinion" on the 2nd amendment...you are correct on that point. However, I am a proud constitutionalist first and foremost... and stand ardently by the constitutional process. I also, by contrast, stand ardently against unconstitutional "short cuts" (usually by liberals), which try to abridge protected rights with unlawful restrictions.
Yogami 01.08.2018
Then you continue to show an utter lack of knowledge about education. As I already said, you can't imagine that people are able to leave their own biases on the doorstep, but they can. I have done so, when providing training to large groups and to individuals. It is part of the duties of an educator to teach to the curriculum, and to be impartial where appropriate.
Akinotaxe 03.08.2018
"Only one big bang per universe" What has this to do with morals?
Mumi 07.08.2018
Thank you for your kindness, Dan. I really appreciate your thoughts. ???????
Zulugor 15.08.2018
I know it sounds like a crazy idea, but you might want to actually read the link you keep posting...
Faushura 22.08.2018
If you were a cannibal, how would you prepare me?
Mazucage 29.08.2018
No one said gays can consciously choose their attractions. That doesn't change the fact that some people feel their sexual attractions are unwanted, nor does that explain the high degree of fluidity regarding sexual orientation.
Mukazahn 04.09.2018
Here's how one influential Christian of the 20th C described it:
Ket 09.09.2018
The bible hasn't been preserved.
JoJogore 17.09.2018
This may be a very unfair statement and, if it is, I apologize.
Vudomi 21.09.2018
Okay. You're the expert on my thinking process, the Bible and evolution. I bet you don't have a college degree in anything. But yet you know everything. The Bible is for dummies. That is why you believe it over proven things like DNA and natural selection. When you use the word Gospel, its an indication that you just accept things because they are written in an old book. A book with no named authors, no authority and full of creepy stories. And threats that anyone who doesn't believe it, will burn forever in hell. Really solid piece of crap.
Dobar 28.09.2018
I was told many years ago that Israeli soldiers can refuse to follow a direct order if it violates their conscience. If you object to war and the possibility of having to kill - don't join the armed service.


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