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Like the aeroplane, white people took that from "others"?

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Grok 12.05.2018
I just re read this and about spewed my coffee...How many times can I upvote?
Daijora 21.05.2018
Btw you?re speaking for her again- I want to hear her say she? believes Jesus is a sin sacrifice and died for her sons, and God in the flesh-SHE DOESNT have to convert to your false beliefs!!!!! you need shut your trap talking about who is a Jew and who ain?t! YOU are a friggin GENTILE just like me !
Tudal 26.05.2018
Yeah... but that's not a sin. If it was the church would take meaningful steps to end the practice.
Kazigis 04.06.2018
We are mostly bacteria.
Faecage 08.06.2018
That's their choice...??
Shaktill 14.06.2018
The free press in the US is to diverse to do much of anything together. They might adhere to the same standards of decency as everybody else, but that's about all. They all want to get the truth to people and know that if they lie other free press outlets will call them for it.
Kazrami 19.06.2018
No. But "anger" is the name for my response to intentional evil.
Voodooshicage 29.06.2018
Science had better welcome it, because it's always changing. That's good and fine and the only realm intended to observe and measure, but It's proof of how often it speculates and is wrong. You need to understand the difference.
Kigajar 04.07.2018
I think you are a little confused.
Shaktisar 05.07.2018
No. People who don't already believe in God are unlikely to say that the hole they feel is God-shaped. They just know that they try, and they try, and they try, and they try, but they can't get no satisfaction.
Grolkis 11.07.2018
How much cash does he have left to piss away???
Sara 20.07.2018
Laws have a moral element. Laws that are voted on by the people reflect the moral standard of a society. Such laws are therefore an example of objective morality.


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