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I don't dispute anything you just stated. That is the problem. I have a huge stock portfolio which has benefited from much of these action, but guess what, I don't have to agree with it.

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Magar 20.07.2018
Not at all. You postulate your beliefs. That's it.
Grotaur 23.07.2018
Can you please quote Bible prescring cutting off the hands of thieves, death penalties for minor crimes, or establishing serfdom, on example of law system of any European country?
Tojalabar 27.07.2018
Why are you unable to think?
Vudonos 30.07.2018
For the ones that happened during Biblical times, you need to verify that those "prophecies" were written BEFORE the events spoken about and not after. With regards to the ones you claim have been fulfilled recently or are being fulfilled currently...let me ask you:
Arashilkree 08.08.2018
God would have no reason to do such things, yet, God allows mankind to accomplish those things when they are incorporated into the collective benevolent forces that surround us all. God provides the means to accomplish what one imagines, noting one imagine has not already been accomplished by someone, somewhere, physically or metaphysically.
Nikogis 18.08.2018
For people who are handicapped. For children.
Fenrisida 25.08.2018
Read the question before:
Mirr 03.09.2018
And that's the thing with stuff like that.... it's all (mostly) subjective.
Voshicage 13.09.2018
One of my neighbors was a "buy what you can afford, don't borrow" guy, but like most people in the real world couldn't afford to do that with a house.
Tygodal 13.09.2018
I see, I stupidly took this long to realize you are trolling
Akit 15.09.2018
So, natural event X is unexplained and the BEST answer is supernature of which we don't know zip,... No dice...
Zulugrel 16.09.2018
They need to find a new job.


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