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Queen bitch guitar tab

Ash in Pantyhose

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Ash in Pantyhose

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Geographical evidence says it didn't. The science of the earth.

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Queen bitch guitar tab
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Daitilar 07.04.2018
I disagree with your disagreement and raise you a "NEENER NEENER KAKA POO POO HEAD!"
Maura 12.04.2018
"a theory means all the evidence thus far, fully supports it." Agreed. But the key phrase here is "thus far." I'm not a physicist, mathematician, or evolutionary biologist, but I'm also not totally ignorant (only mostly). Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this. Newton's "Law of Gravity" (a popular misnomer) was modified by Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Then quantum physics seems to be making inroads even on Einstein's math. So a theory (scientific definition) is true to the best of our knowledge, but is subject to revision based on new discoveries. That may be why scientists never claim it's a fact. We treat it like one, and it acts like one, but it may not be complete.
Mele 22.04.2018
That would depend upon how you define "god". The probability for YHWH existing is the same as that for Vishnu, Gitchee-Manido, etc., something like 10^-45 to ^-50:1
Zucage 02.05.2018
First, you do realize that transexual =/= homosexual right?
Kenris 05.05.2018
Keren is also a word used in the Hebrew right?
Tutaur 11.05.2018
Me being an atheist only implies I don't believe in gods. Nothing else. You assume everything else because you have a deep phobia of anyone outside your religion.
Mazusho 17.05.2018
I know I?m such a ?bitch? sometimes. ?(???)? Do I hate the word? Not so much. Do I see it as something ?negative? ?depends on the context it was used. A ?b!tch? can sometimes be funny when you & your sister cuss at each other like that as a form of endearment. Other words like ?harlot? ?not so much.
Febar 19.05.2018
I was "wrong either way"?
Kekasa 27.05.2018
Ah, yes... they're all false! Every single one of them....
Mugor 31.05.2018
No...thats inaccurate. I hate what it does to people seeking truth. It lies to them.
Meziktilar 02.06.2018
Sorry, was not preaching, just gave facts. All "Christians" are not
Mugal 02.06.2018
Look at the example of Turkey. It was "fundamentalist" using your terminology, Ataturk made it secular and it stayed secular as long as the military were in power. As soon as their grip loosened, it is becoming "fundamentalist" again.
Mazuru 06.06.2018
LOL! Yes, yes I am. Bad shit happens to everyone. I have no respect for people who are so self centered that they do things like telling other people not to mention mother's/father's day, or have the brass tits to tell anyone, much less a friend, that they can't talk or be happy about their pregnancy around them!
Yobar 09.06.2018
Yeah. That make sense.
Tulrajas 14.06.2018
Please refrain from posting images of the dead. Thank you.


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