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"I guess so. He said that he had spoken with his homey and when I get out of lockup he would take care of me.

But he didn't know how all the rules of this whole "bring-your-boyfriend-home" thing worked.


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Does anyone else remember that teen show with Ryan Gosling? It didn't last long but I remember having a huge crush on him.

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Letitbit nude on stage
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Namuro 20.04.2018
How much alcohol?
Balrajas 25.04.2018
Democracy takes real time and real effort.
Kajilrajas 27.04.2018
But certain creations are symbols of speech, and you cannot be compelled to use speech you disagree with. This as established in
Fenrijar 30.04.2018
Meztilar 06.05.2018
Darn right a newspaper. Getting your information in more ways than the internet is awesome and newspapers are awesome and I am a newspaper person because I spent a significant portion of my working career in the newspaper industry. I'm a real gum-shoe..okay not so much but newspapers are sentimental for me. But I do like getting my information from other sources than the internet.
Vorn 08.05.2018
People are human. At the same time, It's really great with your SO is focused on you. It really depends how often he's glancing at other women. Is it once-in-awhile? Okay. I mean, it doesn't exactly make me happy but okay. But is he 'glancing' at other women every time we go out or looking for ways to make it appear he's not checking out other girls when he is? Sorry, why would I want to keep hanging out with him if that's the case? I remember a long time ago hearing a man talk about how other men can handle their relationships. They can either invest wasted energy into every hot looking woman that crosses their path, actively getting nothing out of except for a few seconds of titilation that they will probably forget by next week anyway. Or they can invest their energy into their partner in making her feel cared for, loved and like the hottest freshest thing he's ever see and reap the benefits of that positive energy being put back into his own relationship..like an investment. I always liked that.
Taushicage 15.05.2018
You have just answered the question, WHO was Trump talking about when he said, "I just love the uneducated voters". ....... Genius!
Arashiktilar 23.05.2018
You must separate culture from religion. Do you oppose Muslim women who chose to wear a head covering because of their teaching to cover up . Do you think that their head dress dictates how every one should dress. The Mennonite and Amish women also cover up so I would guess that the way they dress is not an issue for you.
Dakasa 29.05.2018
Gradualism and natural selection are not doing what evo says. Genetics has busted this wide open.
Arashikasa 04.06.2018
The secret service?
Mazushura 09.06.2018
Interesting. I wasn't aware of that.
Arashikus 17.06.2018
They'll just regulate the orientation of the Kids desks.
Mirisar 19.06.2018
You are one hard-hearted.... well, you can finish that however you like (Christian?), as I know you have the power to ban me on a whim. And you will. Yes, TFCC, I must tread lightly around you, and I know it. :(
Keramar 29.06.2018
So how come your prayer warriors cannot go into a hospital and pray for all the sick and dying people and heal them?
Gozilkree 08.07.2018
A little further, Ezekiel 18:4, "Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die."
Fautaur 08.07.2018
How many sock puppets are you going to make to spank the same dumbass comment?
Balkree 09.07.2018
Nah, it's worthy of separate discussion.
Mezisho 12.07.2018
As I said, "Not all of them are really arguments, but there is an argument embedded in each of them."
Jujin 15.07.2018
My dog woulda cleaned it up for free.
Vular 25.07.2018
GL. I am so sorry for your loss. I am at a rare loss for words. I do hope that your years of laughter are remembered far more than the months of tragedy.
Yoshicage 29.07.2018
You can?t even handle your own life !


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