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Leche valeria mazza tetas

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It does not say that in the second paragraph. You probably are confused about the conversation again.

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Leche valeria mazza tetas
Leche valeria mazza tetas
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Additionally whether or not something would be moral or immoral using my definition (based on well being) decisions are also situational since our decisions affect others.
JoJozahn 23.08.2018
"Men are treated far more harshly by the court system", is the only one that leaps to mind. It is generally pretty good to be a dude.
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Most of my friends tend to be appreciative of my honesty lol
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Perfect. The more irritating, the closer we get to god......
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For a bit of nostalgia, look up Al Fish and Carl Panzram.
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The church HATES them. Of course the RCC hates any of us with the guts to speak out against them. Doyle was a Vatican canon lawyer, top of his field. Even worked at the Vatican. Now? he is mostly treated like dirt.
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Cultural tradition, maybe then. But given I lack any religious tradition, it would be hard to say I'm influenced by one.


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