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Islam same sex marriage

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I can read son, I am just pointing out what you believe is not supported by facts

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Islam same sex marriage
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Meztitaur 08.04.2018
I've read a bunch of articles about how it's always white men. Not "terrorism" as lunatics would love to believe.
Megar 10.04.2018
Good old Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron defense.
Mazukora 12.04.2018
I can answer any question.
Kajitaxe 22.04.2018
I wouldn't apologize just because some butthurt woman didn't get the 90's "Are You Being Served?" reference.
Gardakora 29.04.2018
Let it be a warning to all private business that from now on they bow to politicians or be destroyed.
Tasho 01.05.2018
Even if they were, they certainly expose the ignorant garbage in your posts.
Kazragal 06.05.2018
I remember that from when I was a kid. Lol!
Dukora 14.05.2018
He is a rocket scientist compared to Horwath and Wynee( Dumb and Dumber).
Musho 15.05.2018
For sure: therapy, treatment and medical help. Not "run off to Vietnam for some hack job hormones and surgery."
Akilmaran 22.05.2018
State media? As in state controlled media? I'm not sure what your definition of 'state media' is, but they don't exist in the country where I live.
Faetilar 30.05.2018
You seem very agitated and angry. I will try to ask you a question, but I suspect you will just start ranting and insulting again. But I will try.
Gagul 02.06.2018
Woo Hoo, I'm in such good company. Have fun talking to yourself.
Vudojinn 08.06.2018
Originally as a barrier against Sun.... Out of Africa... ?? ??
Tull 12.06.2018
So, Jesus didn't come to save the world. He came to test the ability of men to accept as true the claims of other men and their books?
Mikat 16.06.2018
I'll give you some time to digest what im saying...
Kajizshura 23.06.2018
What element would you be on the periodic table?
Dozilkree 02.07.2018
I'll probably have one more discussion about the draft after I see these mid first rounders in person. Then I'm out until after summer league.
Yoshura 06.07.2018
I'm just saying what I mean by "free will."
Malasar 13.07.2018
My therapist tells me almost every visit, always assume people will think of themselves first!
Fautaur 20.07.2018
As progressive, I dislike many of the cultural fixtures common in Islam ( that don't necessarily have anything to do with Islam itself,) including but not limited to niqabs, burqaas, misogyny, homophobia, lack of alcohol, intolerance, autocracy, but average Joe civilians of any faith or no faith at all deserve justice, fairness, dignity and respect.
Bralmaran 23.07.2018
I love that. I have a personal connection to that industry as well.
Zulunos 23.07.2018
I didn't mince words, I called you wrong


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