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Free celebrity nude trailers and video caps
Free celebrity nude trailers and video caps
Free celebrity nude trailers and video caps
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Zunos 26.07.2018
How do you reconcile the ideas that you think abortion is killing a baby, but that you also think people should be allowed to do it?
Dohn 03.08.2018
Look at his freaking history . Of course if him mocking the disabled, POWs and barging about sexual assault did not bother you, his well known racism will not.
Mezibar 06.08.2018
"all sins are worthy of death"
Motaxe 17.08.2018
"it's clear that Judeo-Christian thought is not the bedrock of the Enlightenment or our current culture."
Vole 23.08.2018
Cignitive failure 17: spewing gibberish while accusing others of being stupid. Almost there dimwit
Brat 31.08.2018
I love when my pibble puts her head on my knee.
Zolok 03.09.2018
This statement does not help at all
Fedal 12.09.2018
Not as imaginative, more of a realist. I am a simple person & like
Dimuro 20.09.2018
My building doesn't function that way.
Douzil 26.09.2018
the ice age ended about 11,000 years ago. It peaked about 25,000 years ago and began about 110,000 years ago. We've been able to test early human DNA up to 400 thousand years ago. I think the oldest modern human we've found outside of africa dates to 120,000 years ago.
Samushakar 06.10.2018
Beat me to it. Little fag would get slaughtered by a real woman.
Zulucage 12.10.2018
Let?s see. Graduated in 1991, got married in 1994. 2 our of 3 of my boys were born. 1997 and 1998.
Malazil 19.10.2018
or maybe you have just given us an argument that we are actually living in hell and phillips are only used in heaven??
Malmaran 20.10.2018
To American Patriot!!
Goltijinn 26.10.2018
There is no left or right. There is only a sleazy center that will use any ideology to get ahead.
Tojabar 30.10.2018
He was speaking to you.
Dashakar 01.11.2018
The Cavs should be embarrassed for their lack of effort
Samukree 07.11.2018
The countries you cited are overwhelmingly white and xenophobic
Maujin 07.11.2018
It's great to see you too!, it feels so good to be back!??
Kazil 17.11.2018
He could wear whatever he wanted and look damn good doing it too.
Samurr 23.11.2018
Funny article, but just to easy to destroy Wynne.
Fegami 26.11.2018
Public scrutiny. We can't have the press secretary being held accountable for anything.
Moogurg 05.12.2018
Why is he able to put into words what he thinks but you are unable to ?
Gardaramar 13.12.2018
You're dumbing yourself down to support an agenda. Atheism implies a rational thought process does it not? If a baby can be an atheist then atheism needn't be rooted in rationality but in ignorance. A baby is ignorant.
Yok 20.12.2018
Did your child/children defeat 3 forms of contraception?
Zoloshura 21.12.2018
Have you ever had someone break wind and try to convince you there's no wind? You can't see it but why are your eyes burning?
Kanos 26.12.2018
Faith is completed trust, it's a noun. You can't be faithing right? But you are trusting someone, something etc. Faith is a measured amount of trust.
Nakus 04.01.2019
Not that I know of. If so, how?
Mikale 10.01.2019
And then you went ahead and ruined it by getting married! LoL!
Akinokinos 16.01.2019
Nice.... Hold the bun and pile em up!


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