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Valerie Gets Every Hole Double Stuffed

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Valerie Gets Every Hole Double Stuffed

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True, most who read it are predisposed by various biases (according to what they were previously taught).

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Mulkis 19.08.2018
The AG (and I'd have to check but I think the Financial Accountability Office has also expressed concerns) has made it clear that there are discrepancies between what she and the govt believe about aspects of the financial projections.
Kemuro 27.08.2018
Coke > Diet Coke
Gocage 01.09.2018
"Your interpretation is a very novel (and exceedingly self-serving) one."
Yogor 11.09.2018
Humility? In sense he know best why millions of kids yearly have to die from starvation? He know best why just one passenger survived and all others died?
Arat 12.09.2018
another excellent example: peptic ulcers. one of the physicians who discovered the actual cause, a bacteria, had to infect himself to prove his point.
Tat 22.09.2018
Actually no, since I?m here on a site that the majority don?t share my views. I use facts. You snowflakes can?t stand facts. Like your hero.
Shakazahn 27.09.2018
Again, there's a large difference between getting into a fight (spur of the moment) or stealing something versus planning out a cold blooded murder. You'd have a point if we were talking about a case where a teen got into a fight and it just got out of hand. Teens do stupid things like that. But even a stupid teen knows better than to plan out a cold blooded murder like this and there were plenty of opportunities for the teen to change his mind.
Kaziramar 04.10.2018
Faith is useless without tangible objective practice and experience. Blind faith is a wishful thinking worthless exercise in hope and expectations.
Tolrajas 13.10.2018
Didja get past the first sentence, John???:
Brale 16.10.2018
Obviously! Of course he will support it....does Jr have an option not to?
Kajim 22.10.2018
Exactly. That's why they're considering making the age 18.
Dozragore 22.10.2018
They aren't seizures, they're finding the Lord. ??
Yozshuzragore 28.10.2018
I mean we all get our feelings hurt LOL


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