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LMFAO, you still got that bs going? Again, tell me how come when I and 100's of thousands of others like me, were being raped by these perverted pedophile priests and pastors not once did gawd EVER answer any of our prayers to make it stop.

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For latin online dating for
For latin online dating for
For latin online dating for
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Zulkijar 07.08.2018
Actually, it was all about my Dad?s library at that point, and my own needs. At that point, that was adequate. My Dad did have a book on Tai Chi and Chuang Tzu?s work. In college I picked up a nice used copy of "Lao Tzu?s" little baby, and Alan Watts? Man, Woman, & Nature.
Vomi 13.08.2018
How do my decisions affect your life and not just your beliefs about how everybody should live their lives?
Yozshurisar 17.08.2018
I'm actually ok with this.
Dilrajas 22.08.2018
3/4 of posters, I'd bet, rather not the entire membership.
Arazshura 24.08.2018
That also doesn't mean they don't convert. It just means they aren't public with it.
Tozil 03.09.2018
I get it. You believe every word of a 1400 year old book as the answer to Everything. Unalterable, never to be changed, the last word.
Kigasida 04.09.2018
I miss Harris Glenn Milstead too
Tolmaran 10.09.2018
Fine. Continue to avoid the question.
Malarg 18.09.2018
Spoken like a true politician. JK Well said.


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