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Are we all not the physical incarnation of God? Jesus did ascend, to heaven, perhaps, but, He does have the ability as all ascended beings do, to come and go from this world without being 'born again'.

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Brides uk russian women russian
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Dull 29.07.2018
Take an infinitesimal number and multiply it many times many times. What is the error then?
Voodoozahn 07.08.2018
What kind of company is that supposed to be?
Arashikazahn 07.08.2018
And yet here you are quoting others...as I said, Everyone is a "follower". The last meme being quite insidious as it implies that I have "issues". I did not once attack you. I made a truthful statement. Yet you chose to use an anonymous meme to declare that I have "issues".
Taunris 12.08.2018
What does that have to do with the comments made in the op? The OP implies that if abortion is not allowed the woman has no choice... When in fact she does. She can chose not to engage in activities that produce babies. Claiming that "choice" is something that can only be applied to murdering the innocent child after the fact is rank misdirection.
Muzil 17.08.2018
Each head trips individually when exposed to temperatures >140 degrees. Then they run continuously until they are shut off by the fire department at the riser.
Vudozshura 28.08.2018
Not true. Human nature. When people have more in their pockets, they spend more. That generates to increased economic activity on multi levels.
Akibei 31.08.2018
Tuesdays. On Fridays I argue evolution is true! :-)
Najind 06.09.2018
Whoa are you saying that th choice to kill is more of a right than the choice to molest?
Shakam 10.09.2018
Frankly, I think we have to start with the dismantling of the 'myth' of the crucifiction of Jesus as atonement.
Yosho 15.09.2018
The grownups in the Party really like the direction of the country and Trump's economy. Your wonderment will not cease.
Fenrit 21.09.2018
I don't know. Lets start with in the real world what happens to the children if the parents both go to jail?
Tugami 27.09.2018
Care to point out where it states that these commandments apply only to the Israelites--and by the way:


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