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Wow, atheists really are smarter than everyone else... Enlighten us with your genius!

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Megrel 30.05.2018
Learn a little about science before you start to make claims about what it can do. You can make jokes about leprechauns all you want but in the end there is no science to show there are any or not. That is the same with God's. I thought you were smarter than that.
Mezigis 03.06.2018
Organized religion is the oldest con game in the world. Millions of dollars are spent just to support it.
Kazrabei 11.06.2018
Agree but its like OBGYNs. I want a female one and most of them are men. I end up waiting longer between appts because I want a woman.
Fauhn 21.06.2018
I'll do it if nobody else will
Yojind 30.06.2018
I agree, use of a bit of Common Sense, defuses situations like this in this Crazy mixed up world. ?? ??
Megrel 03.07.2018
There is no understanding individuals... There are 7.5 Billion of them...
Vura 05.07.2018
Personal whim is the same as random.
Malasho 07.07.2018
Nothing in science proves or disproves a god. Science has not and does not comment on god or the supernatural. The answers that science provides are explanations for what is observed in our natural world and so far these have been the most reliable. These explanation are secular, a god may exist but it is not necessary for the explanations science provides.
Goltitaur 10.07.2018
RELIGION = a set of rituals with several purposes:
Moogusida 15.07.2018
God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.
Groshakar 18.07.2018
My SO's English Dad used the word undercarriage.
Mern 19.07.2018
You are talking about leftist predictions of the failure of Trump's trade policies!
Doukinos 22.07.2018
Why are you spamming the same comment. To be honest I am not even reading them, I responded to your first comment.
Arakazahn 30.07.2018
You're not a magnet are you?
Mugor 09.08.2018
A healthy active mind. ? ?? ?? ??
Tutilar 16.08.2018
It?s been a waging war forever. IMO, it boils down to unsecuries on both sides. As a working mom, I was constantly insecure about not being a good enough mom. I?d see other moms with time to hang around drop-off, exchanging crates with stuff for girl scouts, play dates, after school programs, etc. they made cupcakes and threw amazing bday parties. They seemed like superwomen to me! My kids rightfully loved those moms! I felt guilty every single day.
Vujora 24.08.2018
Yes, there is overwhelming evidence that the fittest survive. This proves
Tauk 28.08.2018
The Pastoral Epistles (1&2Tim, Titus) were written, not by Paul, but by someone of the Pauline school of thought, likely around 150CE, long after Paul was dead. These letters represent a time in the early Church when it was structuring along hierarchical lines w/ strata of bishops, priests, deacons, & a puzzling order called "widows". This is also the time period when we learn of the first attempt to compile a "New Testament", by the son of a bishop, Marcion, who collected some Pauline letters, & heavily redacted LK's gospel along Pauline theology. Marcion rejected all other gospels, but his efforts launched the creation of other canonical lists of what should comprise Christian scripture.
Mikasa 03.09.2018
Yes. The problem is geologist will be scratching their heads trying to figure what happened to all the evidences of recurring global disasters.
Kajibei 13.09.2018
And Trump is referenced here either yet look at all the TDS in here
Goltizuru 22.09.2018
I never said it was, but now that yu mention it, my doctrine is not my own, but what my Father in Heaven has given me!!! :) LOL!!
Digal 24.09.2018
Yet the same ideas it promulgated seem to linger, if not increasingly so, on the west coast of this country in the academic institutions that should be most wise to their horrors. Remarkably depressing, really.
Kelrajas 30.09.2018
Man, Lily is looking good.
JoJorn 09.10.2018
Of course it does. Wicca usually appeals to teenagers.
Vukora 18.10.2018
P. How do I explain it.
Dudal 23.10.2018
I asked you to give me the names of the major countries who repected is under Obama ? You come back with nothing but some stupid give me proof .I ask you another question and again I get no answer ! You are obviously just another asshole who votes for far left liberals.
Mazugrel 01.11.2018
And they need to cover the seductiveness of their elbows.
Kagajin 06.11.2018
Yeah, its a large percentage, but you do realize that liberal =/= communist right?
Dulmaran 07.11.2018
They did a number of charts in tha style and they were interactive
Kajizil 17.11.2018
I know what i said and there is my explanation of what i said


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