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People do this all the time, even old people

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Black lesbian sex site
Black lesbian sex site
Black lesbian sex site
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Narn 14.06.2018
the way you handled it was poor in my opinion. my response would be apologize for my reaction and explain why you reacted that way.
Kemi 17.06.2018
No evidence for that. Nothing adds up
Gardazil 20.06.2018
It appears, the words of one person represent the whole.
Zulkisar 26.06.2018
I'm just messing ya with pal
Gardajinn 07.07.2018
Right, I don't know what "narcissism " is, because I'm not one of those atheistic , high IQ leftists.
Kikinos 16.07.2018
Are you referring to his personal things? House, car, dog house etc?
Kaganris 18.07.2018
I don't care. They can start a business that'll put those out of business.
Goltishura 20.07.2018
First "religion off-topic" thread I've read. LOL.
Aralmaran 28.07.2018
Take your Bible to be recycled into something more useful, like packing material.
Vuran 30.07.2018
What is the distinction between faith and dogma? Who cares they are both completely worthless.
Shaktiramar 03.08.2018
I had a father that landed on Omaha Beach on D Day that threw one of my school books out the door when he saw someone had drawn a swastika on it
Dorn 04.08.2018
As above, with "natural" excluded, as you requested.:
Mogor 14.08.2018
I was like joking XD
Faezragore 16.08.2018
I am a firm believer in the separation of church and state. I got so many of the "Founding Fathers" words on the subject and how they actually felt about the religions it goes almost 14 pages.
Gardashura 20.08.2018
I have a freind who used to lifeguard at a waterpark. Funniest story, He was dozing after work and someone painted a large lifeguard cross on his back with sunscreen. It looked great after the inevitable sunburn around it.
Mooguzilkree 27.08.2018
Why does it matter when it ends? That's just pushing the same numbers around. I'm not cherry picking numbers, they will look equally good or bad regardless.
Taulmaran 31.08.2018
God messed this up from the start. He could not come up with a better source of light and heat for our "finely tuned" planet than radiation. Radiation is very dangerous and deadly for life. We might ask why God could not come up with a safe "fine tuned" source of light and heat for our planet but who knows? On Earth we have a magnetic core that protects us from radiation. Mars does not have this shield. Human beings could not only not survive for more than a few days on the surface of Mars they could not even survive the trip. Unless we figure out how to get a lead lined space ship into space and then figure out how to transport a few million tons of lead to Mars we're stuck right here forever. Unfortunately.
Nikogami 09.09.2018
It's fine, as long as the hippos don't start twitching their ears.
Kazir 15.09.2018
"Some veterans want more than Ottawa can afford", Trudeau tells town hall
Akinoshakar 18.09.2018
So you were thinking about suicide and that triggered a panic attack?
Talrajas 18.09.2018
Human civilization is ~10K years.
Sale 22.09.2018
For me, I guess it depends on which definition you use. Some definitions exclude humans in the definition. If you can exclude humans, why not exclude aliens, and meteors, and supernovae, and someone's definition of god?
Faulkis 29.09.2018
Well, from my pov, it's a meaningless word even if one can define it.
Dugul 07.10.2018
Funny how you can?t answer whether Dr. Baum quotes directly from Porphry as to the followers Pythagoras allegedly signing Pythagoras' name to books they wrote. And by the way, Disqus prohibits personal identification. Why don?t you read Dr. Ehrman?s actual words contained on pp. 108-110 of "Forgery and Counterforgery."
Zulkree 18.10.2018
Not funny. ????????
Zulkibei 20.10.2018
jr. I think the purpose of the Fidcovert channel is primary to pique the interests of children. It does not purport itself to be an advance educational tool.
JoJosho 26.10.2018
No, I admit you have no understanding of this subject matter
Nikotaur 31.10.2018
People kill whether God is in the equation or not. Having him in it just gives one another excuse to kill.
Arabei 05.11.2018
I agree with Jessica.
Kajikus 06.11.2018
t does tell you how good the freindship is,, and how important the grooms wishes are.


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