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Average penis size in the united states

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No, you aren't wrong. Just only partially right. Being a religious person at a social event has the same effect as being an agnostic or an atheist at a social event. It's just that there are far more religious people than not. That is what I was pointing out.

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Average penis size in the united states
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Kazrazilkree 02.09.2018
SoS. TY for pointing out my error. I think that a child of average intellect would have figured that one out. I guess you have an vested interest in pointing out the flaws of others as you avoid dealing with your own profound issues.
Tahn 11.09.2018
Who said I was banking on the NFL to take down Trump? Oh, you did and you say lots of fact free bullshit..ALL THE TIME.
Nemuro 19.09.2018
The problem with that claim is that it's never happened, bumpkin boy.


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