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I have no idea what fentanyl is.

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Asian penis size survey
Asian penis size survey
Asian penis size survey
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Zucage 27.07.2018
?What do you mean, what do we get out taking them? Why is no one saying we do it because it?s the right thing to do?? - Sonic the Hedgehog, on refugees.
Akinot 01.08.2018
"The word in itself ISLAMophobia is speaking about Islam. I don't know how else to explain it to you."
Arashile 02.08.2018
No, I'm not saying he should be arrested, I'm just saying owners don't have to hire him if they disagree with his views our if his kneeling for the anthem is bad for business.
Kazilkis 06.08.2018
Seems like in the old Soviet Union, for example, criticizing the government caused folks to disappear in the night, maybe get sent to Siberia or something. Untold deaths, torture and the like associated with stuff like that. Now, first of all, would you admit those past mistakes, elaborate on their extent? And secondly, would you argue that Russia no longer engages in that sort of thing?
Mauk 07.08.2018
"Showing mercy to thousands that love me and keep my commands"
Kazizshura 15.08.2018
Biden wasn't asked to leave.
Katilar 20.08.2018
I'm pretty sure that this is common knowledge. The Catholic Church is making their best effort to offset the pedophile scandals and jumped into this with both feet. Mather Theresa did nothing to alleviate pain or suffering because she believed that it was necessary to become closer to god. She is far from being a saint.
Mozilkree 21.08.2018
Belief in something with directly contradictory evidence is different than religion.
Vinos 27.08.2018
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
Fenrira 29.08.2018
In others words I completely reject your statement.
Brajora 01.09.2018
2 superstars only as you said earlier
Kazrashakar 04.09.2018
From the spate of bombings from 1880 to 1920, the Haymarket bombing, the Wall Street bombing of 1920, the assassinations of McKinley and Kennedy, the attempted assassination of FDR, the Weathermen, the SDS, various other violence and bombings of the late 60's and 70's, the Left has been responsible for far more violence in the US than the Right. That's true even if you make Southern racial atrocities right wing, which is not necessarily the case.
Macage 09.09.2018
Like I said, who is "Jesus" but the "Word" that is attributed to him, and we know for a fact that someone did, certainly did, come up with that Word, creatively, out of the recesses of their mind, because history records that an oral tradition of the story (including that "Word") was floating around before it was written down, as an historical certainty, within less than a 100 years.
Dukora 16.09.2018
Who said anything about three days? That?s ridiculous unless it?s a miracle
Vijind 23.09.2018
She was a flop at The TDSB. That should have been the end of her career, however she is being celibrated as the first gay female Ontario Premier.
Kajar 01.10.2018
"Do you agree that for a explanation to be considered "Scientifically Valid" it must be falsifiable?"
Nalar 07.10.2018
Agree! I have been trying to argue related points in this thread (I'm sure many of them are buried and invisible, being so far down the rabbit hole of back-and-forths, lol). You put it very well, though.
Mall 13.10.2018
If that is your concept of God so be it.
Doubar 20.10.2018
There is a very clear sense that these men believe that their feelings, their wants supersede the needs of the women around them. That can only happen in an atmosphere where there is no empathy, no understanding of what that other human being thinks and feels. Or that they have somehow convinced themselves that what that other person wants is to be treated in that manner.
Daitilar 30.10.2018
The god as described in the bible isn't there.
Togis 03.11.2018
Mine ?twas not a mathematical observation
Yozshuktilar 09.11.2018
Does it make your Balls Ache?
Arashiktilar 13.11.2018
I know, Niamh. I'm a mod myself (elsewhere, obviously). Just thought I'd get your opinion seeing how you made a post explaining that this word gets flagged. Please excuse if it appeared that I'm holding you personally responsible. My post was meant to be addressed to everyone, not just your good self. I suppose I just used you as a prop to set the context and for that I apologise.
Votaur 15.11.2018
So, you have no idea what it is about. Thanks for confirming my conclusion. Educate yourself before discussing.
Mikajar 22.11.2018
Sure? Like, I don't think it is my place to disapprove of what consenting adults get up to. More power to ya!
Melabar 26.11.2018
No. Because the Bible says so.
Gunos 07.12.2018
You're so obsessed with 'public persona' you can't see results. The man is a monolith in your mind. This is why you will fail in 2020.
Tojahn 11.12.2018
How so ?.... Women are beautiful. Men not so much.....
Nasar 18.12.2018
It is called Creation. Anything beyond that cannot be discussed.


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