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That article shows, once again for those that look, its not this continuous event fish to people etc. Yes species change over time, perhaps quite a lot ..even new structure, but its within the original families whatever that was. Speciation has shown apparent limit, clearly if you just look you see this, but you have to look and not hide behind all these constructs. You know? Its not so strange a creator God placed life here fully formed rearing to go. Test to see if God of the bible is true. Test the prophecy..thats what its there for. Litmus test John 14 29. Prove God exists and is God.

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Galmaran 02.05.2018
LOL! And you were accusing
Tauzuru 05.05.2018
Thanks! You too
Arataur 11.05.2018
as in not fully welcoming of other opinions.
Samugor 16.05.2018
No need to be sorry, ignorance isn't a fault unless it's willful.
Nijar 22.05.2018
Several million people wandering through the desert for forty years are bound to have left something, but so far nothing. Forget it!
Dogrel 26.05.2018
Who needs Jesus when they can have Sri Sathya Sai Baba...?
Kigalar 01.06.2018
Name the evidence.
Golabar 11.06.2018
I guess you didn't read my post because it seems you completely missed my point.
Fejas 17.06.2018
Ask your peers for help .
Vudotaur 23.06.2018
They spoke out unfairly against Trump. That?s fine but expect a self-respecting person to respond. The left spoiled by getting away with bullying Republicans with no response. We are sick of it which is why Trump is your President.
Sacage 25.06.2018
I didn?t think God would say that kind of crazy stuff.
Negami 02.07.2018
Prove it or shove off.
Voodoor 08.07.2018
May I buy you a drink? ??
Zuluhn 10.07.2018
It would be best if you could find enough people to do it repeatedly.
Disar 20.07.2018
Time will tell.


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