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An absentee mark isn?t going to help him either though. You get enough of those and you can be failed. I like her sentiment. I think putting her foot on him was too far, but it?s no different than some teachers requiring student to take their phone call on speakerphone if they break the rule of having it on during class or such. I think we need to have room for teachers to have personality and forge bonds with their students. To me, this video isn?t bullying but is demonstration of just that if albeit too extra. Given that minorities are often punished more severely for minor infractions (I?ve seen articles where POC girls are suspended at a higher rate than their white counterparts for dress code violations which impacts their trajectory for success), I?m happy her response wasn?t to send him to detention or write him up and that she seems concerned enough to ensure he gets something out of the class. Particularly during a time where it seems our schools are becoming more dependent on officers to discipline children and it often results in more unnecessary trauma (i.e handcuffing a seven year old boy, body slamming a fifteen year old girl in her desk and dragging her out, choke holding a fifteen year old boy and so forth).

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Adult education satasota fl
Adult education satasota fl
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Mitaur 30.03.2018
Conservatives are served at that trough more than those on the Left.
Arashidal 01.04.2018
You do exactly what you objected to: When I suggested that Euros came to the new world for money, you suggested that was unfair not mentioning those who came for other purposes like religious freedom. Cool. But now you want to argue that peace in Spain was a myth, while giving no credit at all to anything positive going on there. And as I pointed out, during that period of time all of Europe was quite an unpleasant violent place so to be fair would require comparing what was going on in Spain under Muslim rule with what was going on around the rest of Europe.
Samugami 10.04.2018
You deserve whatever mindset they have given you.
Vozragore 19.04.2018
"the belief that the members of one sex are less intelligent, able,
Goltigal 22.04.2018
I wonder how many times he's heard God say, "SELL THE DAMN PLANE and FEED THE POOR"...
Tojakus 26.04.2018
really ignorant in the math department I see. in 2011 about 4.5 % of the bank robberies occurred while guards were on duty. In 2016 4257 bank robberies occurred and only 177 times were there guards on duty that translates to about 4.2% of the times so I guess you could call yourself correct about 4.35% of the time while i'll call you incorrect about 95.65% of the time. Can't argue with math it's never wrong and never lies. Remember these are stats taken from the fbi and not some leftist driven "news" articles.
Groran 04.05.2018
Before I sink into the weeds on this....
Tujin 12.05.2018
Oh that's a good one!
Vikinos 14.05.2018
So Jesus taught ?blantant lies? solely for 1500 years? I think not. Martin Luther is the father of your reformation. You all started teaching the lies, according to the other OP, 41,000 different sects of lies and heresies. Jesus is the founder of my Church. He built Her and Her Teachings are True to His Word. All is found in Scripture. Look it up in your Bible for anything you question. Of course the Catholic site will tell where to look in the Bible to find it. Just as I gave all of the verses for each Sacrament. His Word is interpeted in Truth according to the authority of St.Peter, the rock on which Christ built His Church.
Zut 18.05.2018
Who said what?
Mikar 22.05.2018
Waddya mean "if"?
Kik 30.05.2018
Do tell. How are Dems far more interested in law or even patriotism than in maintaining power?
Tojamuro 31.05.2018
More kids die texting and driving each day than are shot with guns, where is the outrage there?
JoJokree 05.06.2018
WAY into Trudeau!!
Arashilmaran 06.06.2018
That was a small drop in the bucket when you compare it to the nonsense that Wynne has foisted upon us and Horwath WILL foist upon us.
Zololar 13.06.2018
He told - Adam & Eve they wouldn't die, they would be like God.
Yoshura 18.06.2018
Because it is child abuse. Why has no one stopped it ? Parents making money or something ?
Vujin 21.06.2018
lol keep up the good work...
Akisida 23.06.2018
He withheld a service from them because they were gay.
Kejind 29.06.2018
Yes. Most are layabouts.
Mara 03.07.2018
Thank you for your two cents worth but that is clearly an extravagance you can ill afford.
Magal 13.07.2018
Salt on watermelon for the win! And some pepper too. Salt on tomatoes, salt the world.
Nekora 17.07.2018
Name me people who are covering for him. The only covering I see is Comey, McCabe and others in the intelligence agencies covering Hillary's crimes and their crimes trying to get Trump impeached.
Kazigar 18.07.2018
Hey Sly, what's new and wonderful?
Shakaran 19.07.2018
Sure. The Fringe lunatic shot Giffords. The Republican talked about second amendment remedies and put her district in crosshairs.
Grozil 21.07.2018
It's a day early, but since weekends tend to be dead:
Mikar 29.07.2018
I hearing you correctly? It came about 9 Billiom years before it came about? That would, for starters, make it 18 Billion - and it just gets older from there.....


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