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What constitutes sexual harresment

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Exactly. They need to held accountable and the abusers need to be in handcuffs.

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What constitutes sexual harresment
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Yoshicage 15.08.2018
Why does every libtard imbecile say that?
Tygotaur 16.08.2018
Listen and read clearly. If a cop ask you to step out of your car and to comply with police procedures by the way things are done in the State or county that one is hired to enforce the laws then it's our duty as citizens to respectfully comply with a simple and elementary instruction.
Nikogar 27.08.2018
According to whom? They didnt kill antifa with a car!
Daile 02.09.2018
These kind of turkeys?? Good Morning DB!!
Bragor 12.09.2018
You actually had to have face to face conversations.
Arashizshura 17.09.2018
Juncker and tax.
Gar 23.09.2018
Get you reaaaaal hawt.
Douzuru 26.09.2018
Can you cite your independent, peer-reviewed sources on that?
Meztiktilar 29.09.2018
He may have been talking to you. :)
Kegore 04.10.2018
What prophecy? In antiquity when a letter or story circulated that was supposedly from years gone by and written by or about a prophet who seemed to be speaking about current events no one knew when the thing was written. These are literary inventions that serve multiple purposes one of which is giving an oppressed people some hope for the future. The prophet speaks as if he could see the future talking of what was going on in the people's lives right then. Because the story is not from the past actually of course. He goes a step further and tells how things are going to be all hunky dory as long as the people believe and so they do. Why not? The prophet predicted this king messing with us hundreds of years ago. And he said of we just believe (give money to the priests) everything will turn out all right. These stories were invented to fool people in antiquity. The fact that they can still fool people today is like I said, it has no limits. It's pretty easy to put a prediction of a destruction of a temple on the lips of a mythical Jesus decades after the event had already taken place. Much more logical than your explanation - whatever that is.
Arajora 06.10.2018
Sure, so what. Atheism was incidental. ThIs whole silly business of slurring atheists because of the actions of Stalin, etc, ought to stop. Atheists are not mass murderers but respectable and responsible citizens.
Jumuro 11.10.2018
We'll see what's finished as people run from your superstition faster than ever before. And like the expanding universe they are leaving in ever increasing numbers. Because of people like you. Thank you very much for blabbing your ignorance on the Internet for all to see and laugh at. Have you seen Lewis Black or Louie CK or any of the many comedians who have discovered that making fun of creationists and creationism is a never ending source of uproarious laughter. You can Google them on U Tube and they are truly funny. There are dozens of them and they are hilarious. American creationists are the laughingstock of the entire world including what's left of the mainstream Christians. Comic strips too have been pointing out the stupidity of creationism. Have fun being the butt of all those jokes and the target of all that derision. I'd rip you to shreds here but I don't want to get banned. People can Google the pros and see them poke fun at you.
Zululabar 14.10.2018
I just reread Genesis 3:15. and I see nothing that would suggest immunity to sin and death. Enmity, does not mean being an exact opposite. Furthermore, Mary died, so how could she have been immune to death?
Zolor 18.10.2018
You Leftists don't even understand it.
Akizragore 22.10.2018
Legal bigotry. He can refuse to serve gay weddings even though he serves wedding cakes to straight people. Bigotry and discrimination against gay people in the name of religion is now legal.
Durisar 02.11.2018
Discretion was not part of the game plan. :)
Yolkis 05.11.2018
Criminals aren't being irresponsible, they're being criminals. If you think bad things don't happen at furniture stores, or their parking lots, think again. Has NOTHING to do with the false claim of paranoia. I'm no more paranoid of criminals because I carry a firearm than you are of flat tires because you carry a spare tire. Or have a fire extinguisher. Or have insurance. Etc.


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