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What constitutes sexual harresment

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Exactly. They need to held accountable and the abusers need to be in handcuffs.

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What constitutes sexual harresment
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Yoshicage 15.08.2018
Why does every libtard imbecile say that?
Tygotaur 16.08.2018
Listen and read clearly. If a cop ask you to step out of your car and to comply with police procedures by the way things are done in the State or county that one is hired to enforce the laws then it's our duty as citizens to respectfully comply with a simple and elementary instruction.
Nikogar 27.08.2018
According to whom? They didnt kill antifa with a car!
Daile 02.09.2018
These kind of turkeys?? Good Morning DB!!
Bragor 12.09.2018
You actually had to have face to face conversations.
Arashizshura 17.09.2018
Juncker and tax.


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