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Every week they ask me for any new ones.

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Yes, of course, I'm aware of that.

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Virgin media bbc worldwide
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Fegami 23.07.2018
Not quite. "The end justifies the means" is yet another example of a moral code to validate. While it might work in some circumstances, over the long run, this approach becomes counterproductive. Among other things, because over the long run, one's reputation becomes extremely valuable - and this is a method to ruin it.
Tuzshura 28.07.2018
I would say it depends on the product being sold too. 2x4's and gasoline to a guy in a Klan hood? I dunno, I'd be ok with not selling that, I guess. Not sure how I'd justify it or where I'd draw that line though.
Nedal 02.08.2018
Tell him im your masseuse
Gurisar 03.08.2018
Maybe I should have left that out of the title. It seems I've cause a bit of confusion.
Zolotilar 13.08.2018
Ok, that's better. I still don't see what the fractional size or age of something has to do with the probability it was created. It's kind of bizarre.
Tezil 20.08.2018
All value nihilist are trolls. It's a self-evident truth.
Dotilar 27.08.2018
Oddly, he didn't.
Kikazahn 29.08.2018
Well, evolution as fact is a fair starting point. Things did not come to be as the bible explained in Genesis. We have lots of anthropological evidence that moderns humans evolved 300,000 years ago in Africa and moved into the Middle East about 70, 000 years ago. As such, Adam was not created as the first man in Mesopotamia. Everything fails from there. There is no 'original sin' there is no need for the punishment of all human offspring, no need for a savior, no need for eternal rewards or punishments based on criteria sprouting from the god of Adam.
Gusho 06.09.2018
"The economy will take off for a change."
Gumi 15.09.2018
Have you read the user I replied to? But somehow I'm the vituperative one lol


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