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Their decision was not U.S. poilicy. It was what the Constitution mandated. The president has the authority to allow or reject anyone bent on entering our country.

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Nebar 14.07.2018
Thank's for the thoughtful response mate. I thoroughly agree on all points. Institutions, like people and weather, change over time. It's important to have the nuance to judge them by the standards as they pertained to the time in question, rather than trying to apply the standards of today to the actions of an institution hundreds of years ago.
Salkis 22.07.2018
Your latest kweer lover?
Meztigis 27.07.2018
Lol not for the first time I hope. I?m waiting on Will and him to do the third installment.
Nikinos 01.08.2018
I also wonder if that mod has ever read the Disqus thread too on what is spam?
Gardagami 09.08.2018
It wasn't the residents wanting less police coverage, it was the activists who didn't live there.
Nikoramar 16.08.2018
I can't believe that in a room that includes someone who had his own uncle executed via anti-aircraft gun... our president is the most laughable.
Faukinos 23.08.2018
how come you demand long explanations from us but we are expected to accept your "DOESN'T WORK"
Mijinn 30.08.2018
There are certainly some religious "beliefs" that are pretty incompatible with some science and some scientific "beliefs" that are pretty incompatible with some religions. :-)
Zuzuru 08.09.2018
I was using "discovered" in the rather narrower sense of "discovered and published in peer-reviewed academic literature." For the sake of R. Brookes and any other early starters I may have left out, I'll amend my statement to 18th century. My point, though, was that when a discovery was made has no direct bearing on its validity. Archaeologists aren't part of some conspiracy to make fake pottery for the Israeli tourism board; they simply didn't seek or gain permission to survey or excavate in Nazareth before the 20th century.
Mazugul 14.09.2018
It's where truth lives. I have family in Brazil maybe I'll make the trip to learn how to take things slow, people forget they had been mega fauna sloths as not to get eaten.
Moramar 17.09.2018
There is nothing rational about about a discussion based on a claim no one made.
Tojalkis 23.09.2018
That's the only thing we can know about God.
Gardaramar 02.10.2018
Salvation from what?
Goltigrel 05.10.2018
Yes you are
Kaganris 11.10.2018
Is that a picture of the last remaining moderate Republican in Congress?
Tut 17.10.2018
I?m not saying they are right.
Vusida 25.10.2018
This is much more complicated than that. There are children being sent on therir own & adults w/them, no
JoJogar 30.10.2018
Atheist don't scream. They discuss. You just don't like their point of view.
Kajigis 04.11.2018
The RCC has always been an elitist organisation, seeking to develop a strangle-hold on education and research. It has indeed been a supporter of learning, and science; Just so long as the thing learned, or the results of the research fit, or with the usual mental prestidigitation, can be made to fit, RCC dogma.
Douzragore 13.11.2018
I thought Salk was Jewish.
Shaktilmaran 19.11.2018
Donald Trump didn't build NYC. Italians and Irish did -- fresh off the boat.
Voodoogar 20.11.2018
Yeah sounds like they are real
Fern 29.11.2018
Lol... That is my little ponies... Welcome to the corruption of your mind.


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