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farts in tight pants

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It won't make a difference. The cost that this country will pay for this administration is years down the road.....and the blame will be placed no whomever is there when the music stops.....and it will. Most voter then will not see the tie to Trump. The real history of this administration will be written 50 years from now and most people then will care as much as we care about what could have been had Kennedy not be assassinated--a little mental masturbation.

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Teen b and d
Teen b and d
Teen b and d
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Shakaktilar 01.05.2018
probably, so what?
Yoshura 08.05.2018
I?m sure you have sources of all these shooters identifying themselves as atheists.
Temi 10.05.2018
How do you know my moral rules are not the same as gods? I haven't identified them. Furthet, if you believe some competing deity named Satan is responsive for suffering and death and that God was/is powerless to stop him you've once again falsified omnipotence.
Arashigal 14.05.2018
Lol. What did I lose Sling Blade? You don't even understand the conversation. Come back once you've educated yourself on the subject matter and you won't embarrass yourself so much hillbilly. Also, why are you low intellect voters so sensitive? It's hilarious because it's your ignorant demographic that's always referring to liberals as snowflakes yet you're the people that believe you're special? It certainly explains why you're unemployed, who would tolerate your fragile ego by pussyfooting around every topic to avoid you bursting into tears over your delicate emotional state. You're so transparent I actually feel sorry for you Sling Blade, people educate you regularly but it just never computes in your simple mind. ;)
Meztill 20.05.2018
Not I! I still love going to toy stores, for me. I'm a sucker and have to restrain myself from buying a new yo-yo everytime we are there for the kids.
Juhn 30.05.2018
Because you have a bucket and a bottle of lotion inside it and now I'm just trying to figure out where the hole in your basement is with a girl in it.
Kekree 05.06.2018
He is colluding, knowingly or unknowingly, with the Russians to destroy our American institutions, and to sow discord among the American public.
Zololl 07.06.2018
The Dutch, in 1620, and the French, in 1690.
Nazahn 17.06.2018
Usually when it comes to money you don't have friends
Vudozragore 24.06.2018
It is important to remember that there isn't a shred of evidence that Muhammad or his flying winged horse ever existed either. I don't know why people don't just look into the story. You'll find exactly the same thing if you look for Moses, Jesus, David, Solomon... Not a thing
Kekinos 27.06.2018
His word is a lie and your faith means nothing in the absense of the works of the regrowth of the amputees limb.
Samutaur 05.07.2018
You?are thinking in the right direction. As you continue, you will have to face the reality that God just might exist, with no physical evidence to validate His existence. But more likely, you may rightly conclude that just because you may not be able to perceive Him, doesn?t mean He doesn?t exist.
Shaktigul 06.07.2018
Not at all. I am saying that Sane Guy is a fascist. If I was saying that all Conservatives are fascists I myself would be a fascist. Flipside, do you support Sane Guy's fascist statement about what should happen to our democracy?
Kazijin 11.07.2018
Say the incest is best former mayor. What creepy freak this lunatic is.
Doulrajas 20.07.2018
I do not understand it, no; and please refrain from being a prick when someone asks you a question.
Digami 29.07.2018
Liberal bias? Because I'm left of you doesn't mean I don't reside firmly in the center. "Veteran's protection clause"? I think you're making this up. Never heard of it nor do I know what it means.
Mazunos 06.08.2018
No, it is fact. Why do you argue with that Butt Stallion?
Akijinn 07.08.2018
Weinstein turned himself in on criminal charges this morning. Woo hoo!!!
Grojas 08.08.2018
You may physically exist in the south, but being online and in the world somehow trends social justice, away from God. That's,why you are here more than likely...support.
Bram 18.08.2018
Are you interested in being evangelized? Or have you already made up your mind? Because we're going to have to delve into what it is you are asking me.
Goltilmaran 23.08.2018
Funny indeed. I appreciate it. But rubbish is only entertaining to a point.
Mikagrel 28.08.2018
Gee. All that evidence. I guess you must be made like a cream puff.
Mezigami 07.09.2018
Aye. If you consider how complex even a single-celled organism is, the process is incredibly efficient.
Naran 11.09.2018
That is probably the most arrogant, xenophobic comment of the day...
Arashigar 19.09.2018
You coming too? Otherwise, booooooo
Meztirr 29.09.2018
Based even on what you said then the author of Mark is a second hand witness. An eye witness would have been Peter.
Gushura 05.10.2018
A number of people used the Court decision to say it was constitutional. So I responded. Please tell them to stop.
Nak 12.10.2018
Well said. It?s just how I feel.
Brakasa 22.10.2018
wow, I thought you were being sarcastic when asking me to explain like you were a small child.
Kanris 30.10.2018
Why did you just say that to me?
Nesho 01.11.2018
Anybody that claims a God is outside of detection has defeated there own claim. I think that is my favorite argument.
Sagar 08.11.2018
OH yeah, outrage in the BDSM community. Lots and lots of it. They are not the ones buying that trash. You are making a really poor comprasion here. One is a bad work of fiction everyone agrees is not real. The second is a book of myths people think should be followed as holy writ.
Totilar 14.11.2018
I'm 58 as of week before last.


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