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sexy twink eat a banana

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Let me ask you a question are you pissed off at the military.

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Guzragore 12.06.2018
"Knock the crap out of them" was I think the wordsmith's exact quote.
Mokazahn 13.06.2018
Yes, you in fact were. Marriage IS a civil right
Meztibar 21.06.2018
The Bible actually references baptism for the dead. It really is a simple idea. For example, I would get baptized, for and on behalf of person X, who is deceased. Person X (who is deceased) can accept or reject that baptism.
Shalkis 30.06.2018
We have got to get as tough as nails on these murdering little would be killers, or violence will never be abated. These brats are being influenced by the disgusting violence being vomited out by the vile and violent entertainment industry.
Malasho 08.07.2018
Is Trump clean- yes or no?
Shalmaran 12.07.2018
There are many ways to be wrong. It is okay to recognize wrong even when it is not as extreme as smearing feces.
Tojataur 22.07.2018
I'm personally of the opinion that Lot should have burned down with Sodom. I don't think he was a good man at all, and I think the only reason he was saved was because Abraham pleaded with God on his behalf.
Bacage 24.07.2018
Ease up there US
Doubei 29.07.2018
Yet the blue pockets in this country contribute twice the per capita GDP compared to that vast red acerage.
Faelkree 07.08.2018
Yep but was talking more like the heavier drugs, Insurance gives companies breaks for randoms
Bakazahn 15.08.2018
A minority view only because there are compromisers who cannot understand the evidence against such a view.
Zulkile 22.08.2018
There you go you future home owner!!! Off to the races... I would like a before and after picture of your "Bonsai Bush" Project!
Kagataur 29.08.2018
First day wearing pants since the 18th.
Toran 01.09.2018
I understand the point you are trying to make, and i hope it turns out that way. But you are defending a man who thought a way of getting mexico to pay for "the wall" was to impose higher tariffs on them.... then smart people had to inform him, that would only charge the Mexican business, not the government, and they would in-turn raise the cost of the goods being imported into the US, and the American consumer would pay that price difference. Do you remember this? This is the man you are defending!
Nikolmaran 04.09.2018
Liberals are fucking scumbags
Vudokazahn 12.09.2018
I guess your tattoos might tell how many drinks you had before getting inked?
Fekus 21.09.2018
LOL...told you it was time for you to run. One thing I know about you ignorant, racist white supremacist. You have a lot of racist sh t to say until confronted with facts. Then you run like cowards because you cannot refute the truth. Insulting me wont make you any less stupid. Checkmate clown.
Maumuro 24.09.2018
He?s probably still trying to figure out what?s a meta for?????
Aragore 02.10.2018
Still there are people like Matthew Henry who actually is going with my interpretation. But then I guess he was a dishonest minister and author of the "Exposition of the Old and New Testaments"
Akinoshura 03.10.2018
What works for most Christians is the the complete lack of putting any thought into it at all. The majority of believers I've engaged (outside of Disqus forums) readily admit they don't really think about their religion. They go to church (attendance varies), drop some money in the basket, bow their heads, and go on with their lives. Do they believe in god? Yes. Are they good Christians? Yes.
Kagarr 10.10.2018
That's cool, I know you are a good person deep down so it really doesn't matter to me if your motivations are real or not. You act in this life as an agent of good and that is pretty good!
Tauhn 17.10.2018
I define atheist as a person who sees no evidence for a god or the supernatural,including spirituality and other woo.
Taur 19.10.2018
So, anytime someone challenges the historicity of the Bible, they are "bashing religion"?
Voodookora 26.10.2018
You need to carry a fake goatee that you can quickly pop on to stroke.
Kagajind 05.11.2018
SB. Thanks for your post.
Aramuro 12.11.2018
I am trying to make a short post. It is hard.
Shakazahn 15.11.2018
"You affirm the death and resurrection of Jesus! "
Kagakree 16.11.2018
why would I assume they let him live?
Gardagrel 20.11.2018
Oh no! I'm so offended!!! I guess I should waste my time writing some lengthy paragraph responses, huh? Go fuck yourself.
Tojacage 25.11.2018
Yes, I get that but the point I'm making is that organisms don't just evolve because that's just what they do. I pointed out natural selection and surroundings which encompasses climate.


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