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Sugar sweet girls sweet teen
Sugar sweet girls sweet teen
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Kigakazahn 30.03.2018
Christian beliefs should not be forced on others, nor should a
Akigore 06.04.2018
If you dont know why it "didnt happen" with Bush, or Obama, or Clinton, or Nixon, or Reagan, or Roosevelt, or Truman, yadayadayada, I certainly am not going waste my time with you.
Balmaran 14.04.2018
I did - I just don't understand how you believe that women don't have the same rights as men - indeed they have more - and why you don't seem to grasp that the "feminist" movement is simply seeking to further the gap in the rights department over men. Nor do I see how that has anything to do with "restricting them" and "preventing them from doing wrong".
Gujind 20.04.2018
And you still do not see. Purposely, I know.
Vogrel 27.04.2018
and never will.
Yomi 08.05.2018
Historically you have that reversed. Murder, rape and plunder was almost always the first order of business.
Kazragor 16.05.2018
He does exist. Mostly He has been looked for in the wrong place. There where Love and All might is not.
Shabei 24.05.2018
I say the partners can do what they want.
Fauk 28.05.2018
Jesus didn?t say that. He said The Law
Malalmaran 30.05.2018
I have a parrot that enjoys Jussie Bierling a lot; but that does not make it a knowledgeable parrot.
Moogusho 08.06.2018
No logic, no proof, no evidence, just childish epithets. That is all you have. Please grow up. Or go back to the first grade or pre-k. LOL!
Grotaur 16.06.2018
I still am lol
Bale 22.06.2018
"Homophobia doesn't exist." Denial of guilt by the guilty on his "Jeezus Jihad." Thanks for sharing. You make the best case against yourself.
Voodoojind 24.06.2018
Its mostly people of faith of conservative political leaning who continue to push back on the brain dead. Thank God for that.
Muzil 28.06.2018
Threaded...like...sewn back together? Huh?
Taugis 29.06.2018
Just like the rule of thumb worked.
Shakajar 08.07.2018
You saying "lick"
Tygolar 14.07.2018
How can something be abuse if it's medication prescribed by a doctor, and consented to by parents and the children it's prescribed for?
JoJoshakar 17.07.2018
And the far left thinks that where they sit is in the center. You just can't make that sh!t up. Comedy at its finest.
Vocage 21.07.2018
He is now for you what you have been told and what you want to believe. For the rest of the world, he is irrelevant.


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