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birthday gift

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People seem to forget, that it was the neo-nazis, people that are know for their abject hatred of everyone, that were the actual peaceful ones here. Had they been left alone they would have had their rally and gone home. It wasn't until the liberals showed up and started trouble that things went bad. And, you can thank obama with his "get in their face" rhetoric for that.

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Suck Up Meaning
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Virisar 27.02.2018
The mere fact that an archaeologist gets funding from a religious organization is not grounds for dismissing their entire work out of hand. Archaeologists are subject to peer-review just like any other scholars, and they get funding where they can. Skeptics treating believers' works to be "tainted" by belief are not being any more rational than believers treating skeptics works as "tainted" by unbelief.
Kezuru 09.03.2018
Not exactly according to the numbers, but I'd like:
Moogugor 13.03.2018
What kind of a sorry contract was used that didn't make it clear what the costs would be? How can there be confusion between $300 and $3,500?
Arashigul 17.03.2018
Good luck getting rid of it.
Vosida 23.03.2018
Ha. You think patriot is a righty yet he openly supports the left.
Doshura 24.03.2018
Not boycotting. Just showing up in a MAGA hat or shirt and ordering some bad azz chicken. As I said, I will remove the hat once inside because I respect manners. I will pay in cash and eat that chicken on the sidewalk like the locals do.
Kazilkree 03.04.2018
1. Who did the Christians murder off? Can you provide a source for this information?
Yoshura 05.04.2018
Yeah. Thank you for the kind words, and I look forward to talking with you.
Gorn 10.04.2018
What no rebuttal? Thought not. You lack the reasoning abilities to understand what is good for a pregnant woman and who is just trying to keep them from having an abortion.
Darn 18.04.2018
The truth shouldn't divide, especially if the truth is demonstrable.
Shami 28.04.2018
I don't hate the poor. I want to help them think differently, become independent and get rich.
Jugar 08.05.2018
Oh, I'm prepared. Are YOU prepared?
Arasar 10.05.2018
What no rebuttal? Thought not. You lack the reasoning abilities to understand what is good for a pregnant woman and who is just trying to keep them from having an abortion.
Moogukazahn 12.05.2018
Unkind? Children are being separated from their mothers at the Mexican border. These people are fleeing failed states like Honduras and Guatemala. Is that what Jesus would do if he ran things?
Mezishicage 15.05.2018
That's interesting. Keep the voice recorder on your phone handy, as well. ;) It ain't entrapment if he's the one who started it!
Dalrajas 24.05.2018
No, Calvin. Unfortunately, it will not. And people in this country actually wonder why minorities feel like there is not equal justice under the law.
Kazrakinos 28.05.2018
Happy $2 Taco Tuesday girlie!!
Arashinos 01.06.2018
Yes, he would have been facilitating the celebration of what he concluded was sin.
Nirn 08.06.2018
You have described a non-consensual scenario. Why are you changing the subject?
Virg 10.06.2018
What makes you think he didn?t?
Tygozil 19.06.2018
I don't know if a more common and consistent belief would fix it. It sure would be harder to show how wrong religion is without that, but the most important complaints I have in religion are elsewhere. Here are a few:
Kigakus 27.06.2018
And you really have to be careful of if you really want to possibly bomb your friendship by saying exactly what you feel, because she may get upset with you.
Kazikinos 07.07.2018
" gamed in every way imaginable."
Maulrajas 17.07.2018
Science shows it to be myth. Its order is wrong, the earth is older than 6'000 years old and we have no evidence of magic.
Akinosida 22.07.2018
Whose bound to 2000 years ago ? I'm not. Let's see, our justice system puts weed smokers in jail for 10 years and lets rapist and child molesters walk with a monitor and puts them on a list. Is that not perversion of things ? The Pope can "talk" to God but can't seem to truly condemn what Priests have done to young boys. Perversion ? It's said the story of Judas is a lie and they now have proof. Perversion ? So many things, so little time.
Zulumi 23.07.2018
No, my friend, that would be you.
Akinorisar 31.07.2018
What are you using as your source of information?
Yomi 06.08.2018
The Syriac alphabet theory. We've mentioned this below (see the thread started by FirAgusEolas). None of us have a citation yet, so if you know it, please post it. I might look for it if I have time.


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