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The more people leave Christianity the more isolated and under siege the leftovers will feel. With that we will se a rise in Christian terrorism. We've already seen a Christian suicide bomber this year.

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Skye love adult star
Skye love adult star
Skye love adult star
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Sajinn 25.06.2018
Some even teach the murder of disobedient children.
Zulkim 05.07.2018
Should consenting adults decide to, say, sacrifice a child - would you respect that?
Kelmaran 14.07.2018
Why did Bee apologize for the "attack" if she apparently deserved it?
Kazizil 19.07.2018
The videos are Chuck Brown and RE.
Gagore 24.07.2018
There is a tiny minority of law abiding citizens who are frequent victims of their barbarian neighbors. There must be some satisfaction in helping a few good people survive in a jungle of lawlessness and hate.
Brazilkree 04.08.2018
Is that situational ethics? OK to murder because the circumstances require it?
Fenrigal 05.08.2018
I?ve no clue. I?m not concerned either. If/when it turns up, I will rejoice!
Vugrel 14.08.2018
Frozen Reese's. Used to drink Coke and have one when I was younger. Mmmm, and then, the sugar rush!
Tegul 16.08.2018
Oh yes, Trump North here we go. MOGA
Arasho 18.08.2018
Then why did you bother replying?
Kajizilkree 20.08.2018
Yes. Growing up I was shamed and bullied for being tall and skinny, for having skin that was either too light or too dark, and for having hair that was too wavy or not curly enough. At some point I realized that people are azzholes and
Bragul 21.08.2018
Oh and by the way, "the last shall be first and the first shall be last".
Malamuro 25.08.2018
Liberals, on the other hand, are not fascists and believe in the principles of democracy. So while we morally oppose conservatism and it's abhorrent governance, we uphold its right to exist and the need for its voice in our democracy.
Jugul 28.08.2018
I can't afford to.
Zulkilabar 06.09.2018
"I respect all human beings. I even have to respect criminals. But I'm
Dogrel 14.09.2018
These superstitious men and women Overran the Roman Empire using just their own bodies as pin cushions , in less than 300 years documented by the Romans!!! :) LOL!!!
Meztigami 21.09.2018
There is nothing about this work of fiction that makes me uncomfortable. Being made uncomfortable by a fairy tale, no matter how dangerous, would be as foolish as believing one was real.
Zura 29.09.2018
I understand enough. From Adam and Eve, the human gnome was complete. Over time it was weakened thus Noah, his sons and their wives were required to repopulate the earth after the flood. It is also the reason why the People of Israel weren't warned against incest until Deuteronomy, after thousands of years of human history.


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