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People getting fucked in elevator

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You're again refusing to accept your mistake. The law is the law. The law was followed. The law could only be followed in one way in this case and it was followed in that way. There is no other interpretation you could come up with in this case. There is no questionable intent in this case. Race wasn't a fact.

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People getting fucked in elevator
People getting fucked in elevator
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Kell 13.08.2018
No. No matter what you want, the other guy never, ever has to endorse your choices, especially when it comes to religion or politics. Any more than a Democrat baker can be forced to bake a "Trump 2020" cake for some GOP rally, or an atheist baker can be forced to provide cupcakes for Billy Graham's funeral visitation (with little "John 3:16's" in red icing on the tops). This is what it means to have a 1st Amendment -- you don't get to force people to approve of your lifestyle.
Mikagis 15.08.2018
Anyone who's studied this issue knows that the fleeing felon rule is a common law rule. Its harshness compelled the SCOTUS to curtail it.
Voodookasa 19.08.2018
Report away. I have broken zero rules.But we do not look kindly on false flagging.
Kesar 21.08.2018
Boy Toys R Us, it sounds like.
Nirisar 24.08.2018
Oh... and my comment was removed?!
Faunos 28.08.2018
Me, too. (Not as high as 3rd though!!) I had to argue my position on test papers all the time, and was often told I was over-thinking the problem. But once they saw my point, they gave me credit for my answers.
Mezikora 07.09.2018
You need to come to grips with yourself, your own ancestors, your own culture. You fear yourself and are projecting it to other cultures. No, its not the Muslims who have thousands of nukes pointed all over the world and who threaten to use them.
Kigagor 10.09.2018
hmm...maybe that's the answer. There were many arks....that would help explain things
Kazrazilkree 20.09.2018
Neither have you, or anyone you know that?s not delusional. And who were these guys? Cave men who thought that the world was flat. You?re easily gulled aren?t you? I rose from the dead this morning.
Kazibar 30.09.2018
Laws are subjective. What objective truth would you learn from running a stop light in a fire truck with lights and sirens?
Tugrel 01.10.2018
Justification does not answer the question, it merely restates it. The problem is that if god is omnipotent, and if god creates each of us, then god imbues in us the means by which our choices are made. Free will cannot exist.
Zololar 09.10.2018
"most people I know in Washington"This is what caught my eye because it is what Trump is up against.Its funny also because Clinton knocks Trump for being an SOB when thats just why most voted for him to get rid of the "most people I know in Washington"First time in awhile we have a POTUS that is not a lawyer or especially a politition and loves the USA.MAGA
Kajiran 18.10.2018
I like my grits!! He can take away the okra.
Duramar 23.10.2018
So -- you reject the pyramid of evidence quality established by evidence-based medicine, can provide no justification for doing so, and whine about word usage?
Shakacage 26.10.2018
Are Trump supporters going to throw shit at that one too, but like, in celebration
Sagor 29.10.2018
There is no Heaven. It is a something religion promises in order to get members.
Jushura 30.10.2018
WTH is the deal with the pic. Poor child needs help.
Vudojar 03.11.2018
LOL. A very inferior kind :-)


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