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You do realize that Adam and Eve as 2 literal people never existed don't you?

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Dougami 14.04.2018
The only problem with your logic is we have earth and the universe: we know they exist. Talking snake is still missing.
Gojar 23.04.2018
Yet there is no mention of kangaroos. That book would have been so much better with kangaroos.
Daizahn 28.04.2018
No Merriam does not state that exactly, is there a reason why you have cut and pasted while adding to the words that Merrian poses? Actually there is a perfect reason why you skipped over some of the text.
Tulabar 08.05.2018
You should praise her for sticking by her friend, but other than that, I'd stay out of it.
Nilmaran 16.05.2018
You're still asserting it without providing evidence. Try again.
Mijora 24.05.2018
Combating bad ideas with even worse ideas seems....................counterproductive
Zolojora 03.06.2018
2%? That's like a rounding error all on its own!
Zulkigore 08.06.2018
Yes, I admit you are a trol.
Dazuru 16.06.2018
1. A blog post is not peer reviewed research.
Voodoohn 19.06.2018
Your entire what should be the second paragraph is exactly supportive of what I said
Malkis 27.06.2018
Jesus simply said, the kingdom of heaven is within you. If you haven't discovered this, then no amount of books can ever explain that which has captured 600 million people in the last century , beginning right here in the USA!!! the source of this is found in the bible...it is the fountain of Eternal Youth!!! :) LOL!!! aye am 64, yrs ole!! Jesus is administrator of this wonderful fountain of joy unspeakable and fullness of glory!!! :)
Shagore 07.07.2018
You just don't understand the concept, I guess.
Kajilar 15.07.2018
Rudy Giuliani is about as close to a True American Hero as you can possibly get. Took down the Mob in the 1980s and Revitalized NYC in the 1990s. His finest hour was 9/11/2001. Truly, a person of almost mythical achievements.
Gakasa 19.07.2018
Same old thing. The person refused to follow the orders of the police so you get what you get.
Voodoolrajas 20.07.2018
Suppose if you really wanted to know, you could find out.
Kecage 29.07.2018
1. I have no religion. The property owner with children should not have to rent to homosexual couples.
Gusho 31.07.2018
Did God create man than woman? Or he created Adam and Steve and had a baby girl and named her Eve? It?s very simple biology a 7 year old can understand.
Dikasa 31.07.2018
How is handing out religious literature different from proselytizing individually?
Kagamuro 10.08.2018
Son of a bitch
Arabar 11.08.2018
Attack comments and views please, Thorvington. Do not directly attack the posters themselves. That is where we draw the line on this channel
Mam 16.08.2018
Muhammad may have believed that YHVH and allah are one and the same, but they are not at all.
Disar 20.08.2018
So are Chinese Gumby. It seems your trolling isn't what it used to be.
Malajin 21.08.2018
What I don't like about this question is that it is tracking 2 religions at completely different stages of it's evolution.
Mazujora 27.08.2018
Both Christians and Jews have discriminatory morality, as in, you must be moral to Christians if you are a Christian, or Jews if you are a Jew. If you are outside the religious community, pretty much everything goes. God had Joshua massacre many peoples, men women, children, even farm animals. It would have been immoral to do to Jews, but evidently OK for goyim. Christians found that torture and execution was fine for heretics or witches, but not allowed for Christians in good standing.
Meztitilar 03.09.2018
I cant for the life of me get why a church would preach such hatred and negativity
Tular 11.09.2018
Wait...the names got all screwy halfway through the story. Sandra left a review? I thought Sandra was the photographer? Why was Sandra emailing and expressing concern to Kim? Isn't Kim the pregnant one?
JoJoktilar 18.09.2018
Look at you all intolerant of a trans man and her love.
Kekora 21.09.2018
Yes he does. But bein' a Nazi is OK with Tony.
Mazukinos 24.09.2018
yes he does. His pussy hat is on really tight today.
Yozshum 25.09.2018
I'm not talking about Jesus -- I am referring to his followers.
Arashijind 04.10.2018
SO back to MAGA, where is it here?
Tugal 10.10.2018
Tested it. Zero evidence the Jesus birth story is possible. Zero evidence any human including a Jew named Jesus came back to life. Jesus said it would all come to pass in his generation, it didn?t. You do not accept common descent with it?s mountains of evidence but you take someone?s word you do not know.
Dacage 19.10.2018
Obviously, yet, beauty is something one cannot define, it just is (beautiful).
Kami 23.10.2018
No truer words have ever been spoken.
Grojinn 29.10.2018
Enjoy your 15 minutes; soon he will be out and you'll be left with the bill.


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