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Lump anus keeps getting bigger

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It isn't hormonal. It's evolutionary. Men have evolved to become protectors of the flock. Part of that is the ability and willingness to do violence. The problem is, too frequently now we are seeing young men doing morally vapid violence, and equally, they are unwilling to do righteous violence when called for... which perhaps lays credence to Stefy's claim above that it's the underlying values that are the issue.

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Lump anus keeps getting bigger
Lump anus keeps getting bigger
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Dagrel 24.04.2018
I respect your interpretation; please respect mine. Not all Christian denominations see things the same way on every single issue. Thanks.
Tatilar 30.04.2018
Nonsense: things repeated out of ignorance aren't lies. Things that are inferred mistakenly aren't lies.
Akinole 05.05.2018
Agreed. Anytime sex happens, pregnancy is a possibility.
Taukora 09.05.2018
Visit the Bible Gateway website and see how their 57 translations leave variable impressions.
Mezilkree 13.05.2018
If freedom, personal liberty to choose how you live your life are not the most important values held in society then how do you justify this ?
Volkis 16.05.2018
That is true, but that's an indication of a separate kind of problem. I agree that the Airb'n'b thing was totally overkill. but a few squad cars with an officer making contact, asking a couple of questions, then reassuring the neighbor is how it *should* have gone down.
Grorn 24.05.2018
I am not looking to scare you I am asking an honest question. Muslims are wrong for the simple fact that they are required to act within the 5 pillars of faith. They will never reach the perfection laid out in the 5 pillars. This also applies to other non Christian faiths you have to do something to achieve salvation or nirvana or enlightenment. Christianity is a free gift offered to those who would accept. There is no work requirement either you accept it or you don't.
Vikus 29.05.2018
Oh pipe down. We don't do the shooting thing. Revelation describes us as stinging locusts. LOL Sometimes our 'good news' message 'stings' certain people. Oh well.
Yozshujora 30.05.2018
I hear your front basement door bell ringing azzwipe ....lol
Maukree 09.06.2018
OK, Well I dont know this Karen Armstrong, so thanks for the info. I will have to look her up, and see what she has to offer. Always nice to read many opinions.
Samushakar 12.06.2018
Stop it...get some help....
Doramar 22.06.2018
Then show me an example of an atheist taking the position you outlined. I will happily proclaim to one and all, publicly that you were right and I was wrong. Ask TUS. I've done it before.
Kazilkis 25.06.2018
There is no such thing. Not even the God of the Bible loves unconditionally.
Nikoran 29.06.2018
So I know of many cases where Christian students are not only disrespectful towards LGBT, Atheist and Pagan children, they threaten them, beat them up, and even attack them in other ways. So why should anyone be respectful to Christian students when they do these things to other students.
Samujinn 03.07.2018
DUDE. The pictures of those children in cages are CURRENT.
Nikobar 05.07.2018
I drank out of a can that someone had accidentally ashed in, that was horrible. I can't even imagine the ones you listed.
Munris 07.07.2018
I agree, the stars today aren't getting far due to 50/50 booking, someone has to be dominant
Kigale 07.07.2018
LOL. Yes. Sometimes. But sometimes I end up spending all my time ironing so I try to draw a line. And I wear less socks in Florida than I did back in New Jersey. So that's helped.
Zugis 14.07.2018
You are definitely trolling.
Grolmaran 21.07.2018
I agree with the majority. Ford and the PCs need a clear mandate. But losing official party status means losing research and support staff for caucus at the Leg which is what bodes ill. I loathe any 2-party system. A majority faces no "interference", but answering criticism from the floor is not interference.
Maukinos 30.07.2018
Dictatorship here we come!!!
Gutaur 02.08.2018
No, they'll just drone strike you.
Taugrel 11.08.2018
Les Puces de Saint-Ouen is a very strange place to take teenagers.... and are you saying that you were able to import switchblades into the US in your suitcases? Guessing that makes you older than your comments have led me to believe.
Kazil 16.08.2018
So, no free will?
Dainris 21.08.2018
How about, "Thou shall not defend thyself against Christians who want to impose thier sharia upon you"
Moogugul 24.08.2018
Free will is totally free. It is the relation of a person's identity to the decisions he prefers to make. The decisions totally express his priorities, tastes and preferences in any given circumstances.


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