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I bet you loved that guy who thought the cake ruling meant people could turn away and kick out black folks huh? He thought the ruling meant just what you do.

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Kajibar 03.07.2018
Oh, there is no need.
Akinokasa 13.07.2018
What time is the dumpster fire? Natives getting restless.
Akinogrel 21.07.2018
You're a dimbulb, did you say? Well, that is nothing new.
Volabar 28.07.2018
I would *love* to see the enforcement of that law. "Open up, it's the police, we're here to verify how you are having sex!"
Sabei 31.07.2018
Um, first off, this isn't a research - where is the data on which kind of criminals they worked with? Which kinds of criminals were repeat offenders?
Juzragore 08.08.2018
I dunno, when guys are outed to people they care about or are afraid of, it might stop this behavior. It needs to stop, and I think the girl had this idea to do that. Maybe as punishment too. But seeing the gm reaction, she's probably telling him to 'find more worthy of him' girls.
Fausar 16.08.2018
Cant figure it out.
Bagis 26.08.2018
that was never really a thing. Check the record.
Groll 27.08.2018
You're not my master.
Faele 01.09.2018
Well...I believe that the Temple being restored today in Israel would be a sign that God's Word is close to being completely fulfilled.
Kimi 05.09.2018
I don?t think anyone is arguing that it isn?t possible either.


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