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The lies about science.

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Taukasa 30.07.2018
In Israel, if someone's son is rebellious and evil beyond all hope, the parents were permitted to bring him before the judges and do exactly that. Since parents are the most loving caretakers God could have assigned, that is a rule that would produce a polite society.
Kigalkree 08.08.2018
He pursued perfection? He took the easy way, that's never celebrated.
Ditilar 11.08.2018
How dare you!
Zulkill 19.08.2018
So why would Trump be talking about pardoning himself?
Zulkis 23.08.2018
From an outsider, I can see why many see Smith as a con artists. However, if you selectively tell his history, then he seems like a guy who genuinely wanted to know the truth, and found it.
Dole 02.09.2018
nah, still say the draft was too heavily weighted in their favour
Mujar 03.09.2018
US subsidiary, Airbus, did an end-around and bought controlling interest in Bombardier, as a competitive move against Boeing. Boeing used Trump to block Bombardier because there was no Boeing competitor to a superior passenger jet produced by now Airbus owned Bombardier. Trump is politely asking Trudeau to ease up on the heavily subsidized dairy and let USA dairy trade in Canada. Extreme subsidy against USA imports makes this impossible. And that outright refusal makes Trump angry and he states Canada is unfair. So, the Trump effect kicks in. Bombs away.
Shalabar 14.09.2018
It was an amplification of one of the ridges that set up in the northern hemisphere summer off the west coast of continents - similar to the so-called 'polar vortex'
Akinris 21.09.2018
He's the smartest dick in the world.
Jushura 01.10.2018
You're saying it's not the author, it's the editors?
Faelkree 04.10.2018
You speak for the entire NFL? Raiders have expressed interest. But, Mark Davis and the owner of 9ers abstained from voting for Trump's forced patriotism.
Kajitaur 06.10.2018
So -- I see errors in the Bible, Koran, Gita, book of Mormon, and Book of the Dead. How many of the above sets of errors should I ignore because they are "impossible"??
Shagrel 16.10.2018
Salty Bulgarian feta on watermelon.
Fenrilrajas 27.10.2018
"Yes, business owners do, however that shouldn't matter."
Gozuru 27.10.2018
Trump is the president of the US. He can't tell private entities what to do and tell them to fire people, etc. Of course fascist Right Wingers don't understand what America is. And I don't expect you to understand it. Or what free speech is. Just because the NFL isnt directly taking orders doesn't mean that what Trunp did was right. He would be falling into legal dilemma if private entities started obeying his commands.
Vile 05.11.2018
its working out great for me!
Kizuru 13.11.2018
They the fastest bird
Tukus 17.11.2018
A father and his two children are kidnapped by an evil man. The man gives the father a knife and says "Kill one of your children, you choose which, or I will kill both".
Akinoramar 23.11.2018
You can't see it. Duh. (sorry, bad joke - but I am at least amusing myself, if not others)
Zulukus 01.12.2018
Maybe his wife was standing behind him when he was typing his comments and he got a slap upside the head. She who must be obeyed, and all that stuff. He was very funny, though.
Nikree 08.12.2018
Right. Nothing. Same as me. Only difference is, I don't pretend like I care about it.
Shakabar 16.12.2018
Be sensitive rocky im im sure shes never been with a real man, i mean the other 29 gendets sure, but never an actual man
Duktilar 24.12.2018
Maybe someone misplaced the decimal point. Actually should have read 80 Yrs, 4 months.
Faular 26.12.2018
You gotta check for pee stains.
Mezijinn 01.01.2019
Not any definition I have been presented with yet.
JoJoramar 06.01.2019
Absolutely! Ask those trucks with nuts hanging from their bumper. Screams ?I?m super alpha and stuff?
Garn 15.01.2019
You can't take out 80 people with a car.


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