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Keep reading. It was "revised in Sept, 2017". But,

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Girls piss for distance
Girls piss for distance
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Kakinos 18.08.2018
Poor Hilly ...still having her mental break down.
Shaktilkis 19.08.2018
Bye Cavs. Gonna be a baaaaad night for Khloe kardashian when Tristan gets home ????????
Tojat 22.08.2018
The APA last year made a pure out statment condeming it. Stop quoting homophobic websites.
Kigall 30.08.2018
Of course those who picket may be more devout in their opposition but the number of protestors is so small it doesnt begin to reflect the reasons behind the millions upon millions who oppose abortion.
Vikus 09.09.2018
"I also find it really strange how you keep deflecting about the reality of the profile white men being the dominant forces in mass school shootings."
Gomuro 12.09.2018
North Korea has been torturing its people for decades and decades now while your dumb Presidents were just watching - allowing dictators to torture their people and to build Nukes to blow up America, WITHOUT YOUR CONPLAINT DUMB HYPOCRITE...
Kajigor 13.09.2018
I always tried to separate my friendship with their opposing views. Most of the time I could do that, so I'm not sure there is a magic number. Not in my case anyway
Zolozragore 16.09.2018
40% is crazy high. Maybe in Kentucky.
Taugal 21.09.2018
Well this was fun but it?s over now. Thanks for the input everyone. I posted in a flip manner but sincerely wanted to know what the f*ck people expect. Now I know.
Nikojinn 27.09.2018
on the first, I am going to go with a 25 as long as we are taking about a generic "creator of the universe" that has never appeared here on Earth. If you get into specific claims from ancient texts I drop to about a 3 or less.
Fejind 01.10.2018
It happens sometimes and is usually a Disqus problem.
Arashijinn 03.10.2018
One of the more delusional comments I've ever read. Everyday science relegates more ancient biblical myths to the ashcan of history. Darwin alone put a good deal of your Christian bible into the mythology department at your local library.
Nikoshicage 13.10.2018
Im with Aelfred on this one. Racism can be ethnical or cultural as well as racial. It says, "I dont like you because you are not like me" or " I hate you because Im afraid of you, or dont understand the language you speak, or the way you dress".
Manris 21.10.2018
1 Corinthians 7:31 KJV And they that use this world, as not abusing it: for the fashion of this world passeth away.
Faunris 29.10.2018
Can't be true, Osama from Londonistan! You only know the communal goat and it's vagina is so big and well used that there is no sound at all! So, the sound that you imagine you hear, must be due to the rotting of your ears due to the advanced goat stds which are so prevalent in your degenerate community!
Shazilkree 04.11.2018
It was a question i asked to encourage meditation on it. I know the answer.
Gom 13.11.2018
The "source" of the light that came to be on "Day" 1 is part of the "heavens and the earth" that were created "in the beginning" at an undisclosed and /or addressed in the Genesis narrative. Context makes it easier to figure out. Genesis is about the preparation of the planet, already in place, for what comes from "Days" 1-6. The rest was already there doingnits thing for who knows how long.... lol
Fenrijora 20.11.2018
A valid point, however, I would say the same applies. Being offensive is integral to freedom of speech.


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